THIS week has been extremely busy, but very enjoyable nonetheless. I was approached by a cricket club asking if I could circulate details of a junior coaching session they were putting on.

I have also been approached by a golf coach asking if we can promote sessions he is putting on, and previously Bolton parkrun, boxing, rugby, American Football and other sports have requested to circulate information.

My response will always be “yes”, and I will seek to get as much multi-sport information on our news pages as possible, although I do try to limit the information we send by our automated email system to grassroots football as I don't want to be accused of spamming them.

I have outlined before my passion for an integrated health and sports forum where all sports providers support each other with membership, venues, equipment, training and funding.

We are a long way off that but if we in the league can do our bit, then hopefully we can break down some barriers and make positive inroads into an integrated supportive system for the people in this area.

I would also like to add what a superb sports supplement this Bolton News Your Sport is, with many different sports and individuals being given a platform to reach out to the people and outline what they provide.

If all the contributors could join forces under one umbrella organisation I am sure we could mutually benefit each other and the public in general.

Do that and you really can make a difference not only to the sporting community in this area but to the health and wellbeing of the youth of our towns.

Last week, was National Obesity Awareness week which highlighted the billions being spent on cures associated with obesity- related conditions.

Sports and education can make a huge difference to this national issue and if we do work together we can drive prevention rather than cure.

Next phase would then be trying to encourage the authorities to divert some funding away from cures and into preventative measures. That may take some time.