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stevethewanderer 6:28pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Looks like one of our players already ! Need I say more, hope he proves me wrong

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Beyond News Forum 6:36pm Tue 28 Jan 14

I'm hoping there has been a 22 game blip in there somewhere.

Good luck Lukas.


Maybe it is actually time BWFC thumped someone??? I think they know what it like to be on the receiving end at Loftus Rd.

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Beyond News Forum 6:54pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Looks like one up front again.

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J J J J 6:55pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Interesting line-up would have rested Spearing though, Medo and Spearing don't seem to play well together, What formation is it we are playing? 4-3-3?

Score: 0
boltonnut 6:56pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Is Lukas crying in the photo and if, why? Could it be he's just found out who his new boss is.Come on you Whites, do one for the fans, sod D.Eff.

Score: 0
J J J J 7:20pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Would have liked to see hall start personally, think he adds a real threat. Would have rested chungy he has played too many games recently and a rest might do him good.

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stevethewanderer 7:24pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Just caught up why oh why is young hall not in ! He had that fire in him to
Get forward and have a go df goes on about nurturing young talent, well unleash him a bit more he must be chomping at the bit.

Score: 0
J J J J 8:00pm Tue 28 Jan 14

How has White looked since coming on?

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Liamdog 9:26pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Get ready for the same old excuses, we should have put our chances away yada ya yada ya yada ya etc, As the bolton fans sang you don't know what your doing !

Score: 1
Trotter boy 9:36pm Tue 28 Jan 14

How much longer will this agony be allowed to go on?

Score: 1
steveG 9:51pm Tue 28 Jan 14

We need to be wary of calling for the Managers head as although most would agree he's not Management material once he's gone P.G. will be appointing his replacement and I'm afraid that prospect fills most of us with dread.

Score: 4
Liamdog 9:53pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Could the next one do any worse!!!!

Score: 0
steveG 10:04pm Tue 28 Jan 14

Liamdog wrote…

Could the next one do any worse!!!!

No.Point taken.

Score: 0
Beyond News Forum 10:46pm Tue 28 Jan 14

I hope the tactics BS one up-front is going to sink in now.


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