MENTION the name Barry Knight to a Wanderers fan and it will almost certainly be met with a scowl but most likely something stronger.

The former Kent official made himself a lifelong enemy of the town of Bolton for his performance in the decisive leg of the 2000 play-off semi-final against Ipswich Town at Portman Road. Knight sent off Mike Whitlow and Robbie Elliott that night, and awarded three penalties to Ipswich as they won the game 5-3 to reach the final.

Sam Allardyce and Gudni Bergsson were later censured by the Football Association for their comments after the game and Knight never again officiated at a game involving Wanderers.

Speaking to FourFourTwo magazine several years later, Allardyce had still not forgiven Knight for his abysmal display that night.

“Bordering on criminal, that was,” he said. “Do I still hold a grudge? Oh yes, you never forget the worst refereeing performance in the history of football. “Two red cards, three penalties and 10 booked, yet Ipswich didn’t have one booking.

“When I was hauled in front of a tribunal for what I’d said on TV, I presented an edited video for my defence and you could see how embarrassed the tribunal was by his performance. Barry Knight lost it, completely lost it.”