DESPITE the idea being marketed by the Lancashire FA this weekend, two local clubs had trialled the silent concept a few months ago.

Tony Berry is in charge of the Tika Taka Galacticos and recalled how it was a success previously.

He said: “I had this idea at the start of the season, to stop all the parents and coaches shouting at the kids.

“I asked the chairman of the Bolton, Bury and District Junior Football League, Warren Barlow, and he agreed I would be able to arrange a silent game, as long as the away team agreed.

“I gave him my feedback,when we played Bolton Lads and Girls Club under-10s.

“The game was played with all the parents in silence and both teams were coached at the start and at half time, with no shouting when the kids were playing. I am happy that this then happened across the country at the weekend.”