Bolton, Bury and District Football League chairman Warren Barlow gives an insight into youth football


THIS week I would like to spend a little time on some of the people who work really hard to provide competition in trying circumstances for the teams in our league.

These people are the unsung heroes in my opinion who are answering the door, phone, text and emails continually from the moment they are voted in at the AGM to the conclusion of the season.

Eleven months of devotion, coping with the stresses and strains put on them by managers, coaches, parents, the FA, and others on the committee, like me who can become a hindrance instead of a helper.

Some people think it’s acceptable to ring them after 10pm at night or call round late Friday evening to sign a player on the following morning.

These people work long hours, have families, homes to look after and many run teams, clubs or run out as referees in addition to their role providing competition for Bolton Bury and District Football League members.

These are the committee members, the unsung heroes, the advisors, the experts and the people who make the league what it is.

Unfortunately some step down from time to time, and this season is nothing different as Jamie Brown our Under-9s secretary has given notice to quit at the end of the season.

Jamie has built Farnworth Hurricanes up from a one man band with one team to a club which has multiple teams and caters for over 100 players.

Work, family, Farnworth and the league are huge commitments and something has to give and Jamie has made the right decision to concentrate on the three other areas.

I know everyone associated within the league will join me in thanking Jamie for what he has done over the last three years on this committee and wish him well for the future.

The search starts now to find a successor to keep the momentum going and drive what's good in the game.

If anybody is interested, contact our General Secretary Lesley Allon on