IN the Sporting Memories page of The Bolton News on April 10, we published one of our archive golfing picutures and asked if anyone could identify the Old Links Golf Club captain taking part in the traditional driving-in ceremony.

We received a healthy response from several readers with their memories.

Frank Smith contacted us to tell us the name of the golfer was Jim Scott.

In 1933 he was a member of Great Lever and was Bolton champion in 1933 and 1938, in 1946, and in 1950 he was Bolton champion as a member of Old Links.

Mr Smith said: “First he was Jim Scott Jnr and then he changed to Jim Scott. He had a mineral business. “There are probably only about three of us who will remember Jim and who played with him.”

Mr Smith was a member of Breightmet first and then Dunscar and is still a member, past captain and past president of Dunscar.” Albert Whittle confirmed the name and said Mr Scott was twice captain of Bolton Old Links Golf Club in 1962 and 1963. He became captain of the Lancashire Golf Team, and later President of the Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs in 1968, and chairman of the English Golf Union Championship Committee. Regading the picture, Mr Whittle said: “I doubt if it was him Driving In as Captain at Bolton Old Links. Because of the numbers 65 and 68 on the back of the picture, I would hazard a guess that they were his scores in the qualifying round of one of the many Bolton Championships he played in.”

Philip Rothwell added: “I joined Old Links as a junior member in 1966 and I remember Jimmy Scott who was indeed captain about that time.

“As I recall, Jimmy was a local businessman and I think he had a soft drinks business. He was a friend of my father who was chairman of the Greens Committee and a Club Director for many years from the late sixties onwards.

“I remember there were quite a few local businessmen who were members and friends of my father at that time including Arthur Lever who owned Levers Garages on Manchester Road which became Kirkby Central and now Wilsons.

“Joe Battersby had a furniture shop in town, Harry Pilling who was the founder of ACDO and Alan Mason who was one of the owners of Masons Builders Merchants on Mornington Road.”