EVEN the great writers have been known to suffer block from time to time and this week I feared I was about to join them.

It’s been a long campaign and the creative juices seemed to be seizing up. Out of desperation I have latched on to the writing theme.

Over the past season or two I have noticed an increase in spectators coming to a game and then putting their memories of the experience out on the internet. Blogging is the term used.

A lot of the bloggers seem dissatisfied with the professional game and just love the simplicity of non-league.

I personally like seeing people coming to Colls games and then putting their opinions of the day out there for all to see.

Some of the articles are exceptional. I have been known to put the odd blog in our programme because, one, they enhance our product; and, two, they fill up a few pages which otherwise I would have to get the quill out for.

Joe Gibbons is a blogger (gibbos92.wordpress.com) and I enjoyed his work that much I mithered him to do the odd article for us and he is now running the show.

I know it’s cheating but when we get wind that a blogger is coming to town we lay out the red carpet for them.

Only a few weeks ago a Wycombe fan came to a Monday night fixture. We decided to get the wipeboard out at the entrance to the ground and welcomed him to Alder House.

On the board we also put on that ‘BWFC were the one and only Wanderers’. A bit cheesy I know but it did go down well. Over Christmas a Norwegian blogger visited us and put out an excellent read.

Well I say that, I don’t know my Norse from my elbow but it certainly looked the part.

You do get the odd negative comment but if it’s objective you have to take it on board and maybe take remedial action in time for the next game.

Only last week somebody tweeted a picture of one of our corner flags asking ‘Is this the worst quadrant ever?’ I had to grant it him and replied with ‘Flipping corner flag assessors now’. The banter continued and he decided to come to the Flatcap Derby.

What rankled me once was when a groundhopper for one of the non league papers did a secret shopping visit and published his findings in the paper.

He was tad cynical on certain issues and I just thought it disrespectful.

The paper is there to support non-league football and for a contributor to dissect a club’s efforts in print without finding out why their exacting standards weren’t reached was bad form.