AMIR Khan says he might invite Floyd Mayweather back to his Bolton home for a cup of tea and a chat when the American boxer visits the town next month.

The Bolton boxing superstar remains desperate to take on the pound-for-pound multiple world champion but never expected he would come to his own backyard in the flesh.

And he believes Mayweather’s decision to head to his home town on June 23 as part of a six-date UK sportsman’s dinner visit is aimed at taunting the Bolton 27-year-old.

Khan said: “He picked Bolton – of all the places in the UK, he picked here.

“If it wasn’t because of me I don’t think he would know where Bolton was.

“I cannot see why he has picked Bolton.

“Maybe he is looking at fighting me in the future and that’s why he is coming to upset me.

“He is trying to get under my skin.

“When I heard it was going to be Bolton I thought it is only down the road from me.

“I might even invite him to the house afterwards – see if he wants a cup of tea.

“If he turns up in a Burnley shirt then he really has come to annoy me – I might then have to fight him there and then.”

Mayweather visits the Reebok Stadium’s Premier Suite on Monday, June 23 and Khan is planning to be there and get a chat as he looks to convince Mayweather to give him a shot at being the first to beat him. However, he believes the American is still wary of risking his unblemished record against the new heavier Khan who impressively despatched Luis Collazo before Mayeather’s latest victory against Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas recently.

Khan added: “I will probably be at the event.

“It is literally a mile or so from where I live – sometimes I jog to the Reebok and back.

“I don’t see why he is coming but it is good for Bolton to have one of the best boxers ever to come to our small town.

“There must be some interest there for him.

“I’d love to talk to him – we know of each other, of course, because we got very close to making the fight happen.

“People want the fight and he knows that.

“I don’t know if he is scared of me but he always says he is scared of getting beat.

“He maybe sees something in my style that may cause him problems and that’s why he hasn’t agreed yet.”