ANDY Fox believes his Bolton Association team is capable of a big score in tomorrow’s inter-league clash with Saddleworth.

There are some big players in the side who have been professionals in the past and are now either overseas players or amateurs and therefore eligible to play.

And, while Fox – who has been Association inter-league team manager for around a decade – admits he always thinks he has good players at his disposal, he believes this year’s crop are particularly strong.

“We fancy our chances,” he said ahead of the game at Flixton.

“We have been competitive for the last few games, and it is only against the Bolton League when we haven’t done as well.

“We have a good balance in the team for this one and look strong in the batting department.

“We have had to leave out one or two stalwarts, which is a shame, but we have some good players in their place.

He added: “Flixton’s a good wicket, which will help us. Jamar Griffith, Dave Bowden, Steve Hammond and Alton Beckford have all pro’d, and had a good spell at proing, so we are pretty confident.

“They’re all good players, and we’ve got Simon Belston and Luke Perry who are good batsmen, so we’ll look to get a big score then open with the spinners and tie them up.”

Giving special mention to Elton wicketkeeper Danny Lomax, the team manager said: “We believe we have one of the best wicketkeepers about in him.

“He’s scored vital runs and kept brilliantly for us in the past. “He’s played for us now for two or three years and even when he has played second team for his club we have put him in because he always done so well.”

Bolton Association inter-league team: Captain Simon Belston (Bury), wicketkeeper Danny Lomax (Elton), Luke Perry (Flixton), Alton Beckford (Flixton), Steve Hammond (Flixton), Aidan Holmes (Flixton), Jamar Griffith (Atherton), Roshan Primus (Atherton), Matt White (Bury), David Flatley (Swinton Moorside), David Bowden (Standish).

Players are asked to meet at Flixton at 12pm.