MEMBERS from a Bolton Trampoline Club are celebrating after representing the North West of England in a regional competition.

Caitlin Johnson, Samantha Woodman, Katie Parkinson, Darcy Blamine, Amy Millburn, Chloe Lang, Elinor Clark, Rachael Johnson, Beth Hays, Eleanor Westhead and Shona Welch took their place in the squad which finished fourth.

Welch actually won her event and was one of the shining lights from the club. Spokesperson Jenni Cavanagh said: “It all started back in January, February and March when they competed against other people from the North West and they were all selected from that.

“It is a great achievement to get to the regional finals but to help the North West to fourth is even better.

“They will all be training hard to represent the North West next year and I think they want to get a spot on the podium.”

Bolton Trampoline Club have just been involved in a competition in Lancaster and they cleaned up with 16 children competing and only three of them did not get a place in the top four.

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