Daisy Hill Under-11s 212 Lostock Under-11s 266 (Lostock won by 44 runs)

THE future of Lostock CC is blossoming on the basis of this latest result against Daisy Hill.

Their match was the first appearance for both sides in the Your Sport supplement and boy did the boys... and girl, want to make the most of their debut.

Lostock took to the field first and a combination of superb bowling and outstanding fielding, including a contender for catch of the season, helped restrict their opponents to a low score.

Such was the standard of the bowling you could have been fooled for thinking it was an adult match as only six runs were on the board after the opening pairing of Callum Dring and Liam Morrell.

Asif Hussian recorded a maiden in the second over of the match while Matthew Gordon had a great throw-back to the stumps to remove Dring in the last ball of the three-over partnership and it kept Daisy Hill under check.

Another example of great fielding soon removed Tariq Cheema with the penultimate ball of the fourth over.

A number of wides in the next over put Daisy Hill up to 208 but just as the hosts threatened to get a few runs the introduction of Jacob Hyland turned the game in the visitors’ favour.

Hyland clean bowled Kiera Hodson removing the middle stump then in the third ball he bagged his second of the night as they were down to 201.

Hodson toiled with her batting and only lost her wicket once but her innings was deserving of a better score as she took a brusing knock to her elbow.

The next pairing of Harry Lloyd and Tom Mercer wanted to get the scoreboard running.

But they were stopped in their tracks with one of the best catches you are ever likely to see.

At deep mid-wicket Joseph Prudham managed to pluck the ball out of the air in an impossible catch to dismiss Mercer.

Chances went amiss for Lostock with Lloyd looping the ball into the air but not taken.

But Lloyd was out off the penultimate ball of the last over as Matthew Gordon grabbed a wicket.

Ethan Rowley and Tom Grundy were the next pair at the crease and Grundy used is power to get runs.

He quickly hit six runs in two overs to take Daisy Hill to 213.

But Marcus Burton took the wind out his sails with his unusual form of seam bowling which looked more like spin.

Oliver Sinclair took the wicket of James Kippax as he found the right line and length to hit the stumps.

Daisy Hill knew it was an uphill task to defend a total of 212, but in under-11s level cricket anything can happen until the final ball.

Lostock had the same number of runs on the board after the first over when Burton and Sinclair (three) were in the middle on 206.

From there, they took the game to Lostock as Burton (19) timed his shot well to get a mid-wicket boundary and then a shot to fine leg also added another four and the visitors were up to 22.

It was a delight to watch the next pairing of Matthew Gordon (15) and Jordan Prudham (one) who weighed up the field and spotted gaps.

Gordon showed his ball skills from tennis where he plays at Bolton Arena notching up three boundaries.

Asif Hussain continued the onslaught with two sixes and two fours on his way to a personal tally of 28.

Daisy Hill left it late but a superb direct hit by Callum Dring was one of the highlights in the ninth over to run out Alex Fidler (one). Tom Grundy’s accurate bowling saw Daisy Hill get a maiden over after the 10th as Lostock were on 266.

Hyland bagged a boundary but then a wicket by Harry Lloyd took his total for the day down to one. The match petered out with Daisy Hill having the final say with Tariq Cheema taking the wicket of Faisal Ali.

DAISY HILL v LOSTOCK Bolton Association Under-11s at Daisy Hill Daisy Hill Callum Dring 5 Liam Morrell 1 Tariq Cheema -2 (6-8) Kiera Hodson -3(1-4) Harry Lloyd 4(8-4) Tom Mercer 0 (4-4) Tom Grundy 2(6-4) Ethan Rowley 3 James Kippax -4 (0-4) Reese Cross Taylor 6 Total 212 Bowling: Alex Fidler 2-0-9-0, Asif Hussain 2-0-5-0, Marcus Burton 2-0-5-2, Matthew Gordon 2-1-2-1, John Oxley-Harrison 1-0-6-0, Jacob Hyland 2-1-1-2, Faisal Ali 1-0-5-1, Joseph Purdham 1-0-4-0, Oliver Sinclair 2-0-7-2.

Lostock Marcus Burton 19 Oliver Sinclair 3 Marcus Gordon 15 Joseph Prudham 1 Atiq Hussain 28 Alex Fidler -1(3-4) Jacob Hyland 1(5-4) John Oxley-Harrison 1 Tom Green 1 Faisal Ali -2 (2-4) Total 266 Bowling: Tom Grundy 2-1-6-0, Harry Lloyd 2-0-8-1, Ethan Rowley 2-0-15-0, Callum Dring 2-0-2-0, Liam Morrell 2-1-10-0, Tariq Cheema 2-0-6-1, Tom Mercer 1-0-12-0, Kiera Hodson 1-0-8-0, James Kippax 1-0-11-1.