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Bolton Wanderers transfer deadline day live - September 2014

Last updated:

The Bolton News: Photograph of the Author

Marc Iles, chief football writer


    Armitage93 4:05pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Garvan: 11 goals, 9 assists in 63 games for Palace.

    Not bad..

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    Armitage93 10:46pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Boredom has hit me this deadline day, however here is an essay for anyone just as bored as I am

    Fellow Bolton fans probably won’t like this, but its time for a reality check.

    The club has been absolutely crippled since a year before relegation, at least. Players commanding huge fees, to later leave on a free transfer, monumental wage packets, still being paid off to this very day and these very same players then to leave on nothing other than a free transfer. The clubs’ previous transfer policy could be described with one word, unsustainable. Look at Gary Cahill as an example. City offered 17m, we accepted 7m from Chelsea, because Mr Coyle felt he would have more opportunities there. It is exactly this type of attitude in conjunction with lavish spending on has beens that has got us exactly where we are.

    However now is not the time to point the finger, quite the contrary in fact. Right now we need a front that displays unity, fight, and spirit. The same spirit that kept us in the Premier League all those years. We sit here, hoping for signings, hoping and praying that a mystery player will come in, kick on, and fire us to the promise land. Realistically, that isnt going to happen; not without an exit at the very least. There is no point sitting here, swearing, pointing the finger at each other, just because of the previous leadership going out and spending any money they possibly could.

    The job Dougie Freedman has is an awful one. Cut the wage bill enormously, while still expected to move the club forward; with no cash backing. All of this has to be achieved, at the same time the likes of Nottingham Forest can go out and splash 5m on Britt Assombalonga, or the likes of Cardiff City go and spend 5m on an international centre half with experience at the highest level. I just dont know how Bolton fans think, realistically, we can compete here at the moment. It’s a balancing act. What is more important? The future of this club, or a few players walk in, perhaps not perform, and us undergo an embargo and become the embarrassment of the footballing world.

    Keeping performances upto scratch on the field, with all the chaos that occurs off it financially, is a nigh on impossible task, and one, im sure, not one of us could perform better than Dougie Freedman. Realistically, we have to rid ourselves of one player, to bring another in. We dont like it, we have been spoilt by players such as Nicholas Anelka coming through the door. However this can’t happen anymore. There is no use us spending millions on players that may not even shoot us up that league. The same principle was used in the Premier League and it got us relegated.

    We can all accept performances on the field havent been good enough, and the obvious solution would be to go and sign some players. We dont have the financial muscle to go and force a clubs hand to loan someone to us. As much as we would like to secure a Nick Powell, we just can’t compete financially. We have to wheel and deal, one out, one or two in. The evident need is in attack, and rather than getting on the managers back, lets get to the games, shout from the rooftops and support the lads. Attackers will come, I am sure we will have at least one more for the Sheffield Wednesday game.

    Frustrating, I know, but the future of this club is more important. Lets use the Leeds performance to crack on, and get some decent points on that league table. People need to remember, this is largely, the side that did very well at the end of last year. We have strengthened significantly with Feeney, Danns, Dervite, Moxey, Trotter and Danns.

    Look at the positives fellow Bolton fans, the future of the club is more important. Signings will come, just be patient.

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    J J J J 5:03pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Anything from the club on beckford?

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    Reality50 12:36pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Only OUT i want o see today is Freedman,hopefully to the job centre.

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    chrisatty 3:13pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Just having a look at our current squad and we have 40 players available to play for the first team. Is it just me or is that a lot of wages to pay seeing as the club keeps telling us we have no money? Wouldn't it be worth getting rid of a bunch of those players and then replace them with a couple of quality signings?

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    Neilbwfc 9:38am Mon 1 Sep 14

    Wouldn't mind seeing super kev back with us. He could do a decent job in midfield he's not afraid to get stuck in. Type of player we need at the moment.

    Score: 5
    trottersfan 10:00am Mon 1 Sep 14

    Just wish someone would come in for Freedman and we could get him transferred!

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    Rowboti04 10:19am Mon 1 Sep 14

    Lets paint a scenario here:

    Someone comes in for Mark Davies/Chung Yong Lee/Adam Bogdan for, lets say 3million quid. What would you do? Are Bolton even in a position to turn down offer like that and if we do sell someone, does DF have players in mind to bring in within hours?

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    Rowboti04 10:30am Mon 1 Sep 14

    Out of interest. What has been our best ever transfer deadline day in terms of numbers and quality?

    I can't really remember a particularly exciting one for Bolton.

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    christong 10:58am Mon 1 Sep 14

    I remember Gregorz Raziak replacing Anelka being a particularly low point for me!!!!

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    trottersfan 11:03am Mon 1 Sep 14

    I wonder what is the point of getting new players in. DF can't handle his players anyway. We only have to look at who he has brought in and they haven't helped, and he has ruined those we already had.

    Score: 2
    paul emmy 11:40am Mon 1 Sep 14

    Not a big fan of douglas however gartside has made his job virtually impossible no investment from the club told to slash the wage bill and not a word from our chairman , this leaves douglas to stand alone and try to explain where the club is financially and why he cant buy the players we need , its now time for the man preceding over this shambles to wake up come out and explian what the short and long term plan is instead of hiding behind douglas and letting him take all the flack for what is really his fault.

    Score: 4
    Neilbwfc 12:26pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Does anybody actually give a toss about what's happening elsewhere in the championship. Might as well close this down now and start again when the loan window opens and all the dross are available. Who knows Chris eagles might be available unless he's already been snapped up by some 3rd division side in Kuwait.

    Score: 3
    BWFC1988 12:23pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Transfer deadline day, or as us Bolton fans call it, Monday.

    Score: 6
    trottersfan 12:32pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    But Freedman is the manager, but he can't manage his players. He doesn't get the best out of them, he changes his line-ups and tactics regularly so they don't know where they are up to.

    And I just wish they would take time out from "training" and instead do some "practising" shooting at goal - between the posts and under the bar. It's no good all this fitness work if you can't get goals in the end.

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    Armitage93 5:25pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    "Sheffield Wednesday have signed Royston Drenthe on loan from Reading. Another surprise one for me."

    Think you'll be more surprised when you see him in the flesh Marc... Think he's had one too many pies sitting in the stands! Reading didn't even give him a squad number.

    From Real Madrid to Hollands pies and a cold Sheffield. #PrayForDrenthe

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    Armitage93 1:27pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    We may still sign players on loan if we sell Davies. These 2 loans have been talked up for weeks, the difference is however, if we did sign them today, we have them for the season.... Not just something like 3 months then have to re extend in January.

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    Armitage93 1:00pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Morning from St Pete Marc!

    Firstly credit where its due; given our torrid finances, you still stick with this blog which is a fantastic read year on year.

    Firstly, Mark Davies is one player I would not like to sell. His injury record has been atrocious, but he is the one player we have who I truly believe has the bit about him to unlock a defence, make a good run or cutting edge pass, and open teams up. That goal against Huddersfield away under Coyle epitomises it. Here is a link for anyone wanting to remind themselves of his raw ability: https://www.youtube.

    Players like him, in this inflated market, are almost impossible to find. Look at Norwich for example, Hoolahan is older, and in my opinion, not as good as Davies, but yet was valued at 8m. Creative players with an eye for goal are absolutely impossible to find, especially for a club like us. We should be looking to keep him fit and keep him, although if Dougie has a trick like a player out of Ibe's mould, then definitely, consider an offer.

    On another point, after digesting the Leeds game, I will now be contrary to popular opinion and AGREE that we should keep Freedman. We all know what the problems were against Boro, Forest etc. Against Leeds those were addressed, we absolutely battered them, and how them chances didn't go in, I don't know. It annoys me he didn't play Beckford or Feeney, but tactically, there must be a reason. If we got a new manager, we would want a performance like that, and so punishing him, for his strikers lack of cutting edge, when tactically, he battered Leeds, would be unfair. This is his team, yes, however demanding success is like asking Farah to go and win the 5000m without shoes on. Its the same concept, Freedman has no money, whereas other clubs are splashing cash like its deadline day every single day!

    Sorry for the essay, hope your moods are lifted fellow fans, that win is coming. Hold comfort from the fact we battered Leeds, and Mason **** right should have scored,

    Score: 3
    Armitage93 1:02pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    I don't know why it starred our what I said at the end! It's also refreshing our club isn't being associated with a hiring and firing philosophy. It is something we can be proud of. Calling for his head, in my opinion, won't get us anywhere. People might not like to hear it, but it won't. Given that last performance we need to be shouting from the terraces to encourage more of the same.

    Regardless, lets see how this Davies thing turns, because if it does happen, we could be seeing a few players through that door. Bet it feels like Christmas for Dougie, like a kid in a toy shop.... So many possibilities!

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    trottersfan 4:00pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    It's Dead Line day here isn't it. Not deadline.

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    Rowboti04 1:15pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    The key with this Davies deal (if it happens), is:

    1) Get it done quickly. Firstly so we have enough time to spend our money and secondly before Eddie or Phil ask for it back between the end of this window and the beginning of the loan window, which we know WILL happen.

    2) We need to make whatever money we get from him into 3 players that work with the team.

    Mark Davies is our best player, but he isn't worth potentially 3 players in key areas. Dougie needs to be canny with the players he brings in if Daveis goes. For me, I'd want a left winger, a central midfielder - one that is comfortable on the ball and dictates the game - and a striker.

    Freedman needs to decide which way he is going to play the team now. Is he going to play the way he SAID he would play, or the way that we are playing at the moment. Because those two are polar opposites. He said he wants to play 'through the midfield' and so far, we have done nothing but that. Thats why a midfielder that can dictate the game is imperative. As it happens, Bolton own 3 midfielders like that - Josh Vela, Stuart Holden and Keith Andrews - all unavailable for the forseeable.

    Personally, I would play 5 in midfield and sacrifice a striker (Craig Davies). We need to get the ball and keep it for a change, instead of pumping it up to Davies and hoping for flick-ons, knock downs and lucky bounces. Yes, I'd play Mason up top on his own. His less physical nature shouldn't matter if we can get the ball down in midfield and build pressure.

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    J J J J 1:49pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Have to say I was expecting nothing from our club and things from the big clubs like United who are on the verge of sealing a real goalscorer in falcao on loan, if only we had that kind of funds haha, turning out to be an interesting day afterall

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 3:27pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    You've gone quiet Marc, you've got news haven't you!

    Score: 0
    David_J 1:40pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Ideally I don't want to sell Mark Davies but if we can bring some good replacements in with some of the cash (the manager has to sell before he buys and won't get all the money - lets not kid ourselves) then it could be a move worth making. He is injury prone after all but on the other hand he is one of the only quality players we have. Its a fine line and it could work out or not but sometimes you have to take the risk. The replacements must also be proven at this level and Glen Murray would be the pick of the crop for me.

    On the Dougie debate, if we were going to sack him why didn't we do it last season? It would be stupid to sack him after 4 games - we can't afford it and there's no guarantee of success by bringing someone else in. This year it is his team but in previous years he has been fighting finances and player egos so this is the first year he can be judged in my view. But he needs time - at least until mid October. I just wish the fans would back him and the players. Some of our fans are terrible and don't realise they are destroying their own club by openly criticizing and booing during games.

    Do we really want another Gary Megson situation? It's getting that way. Come on BW fans get behind the team and players and give them a chance!

    Score: -2
    Armitage93 2:32pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Are there any signs of action at the club Marc? In regards to Davies or the loans incoming etc, any escalated movements whatsoever?

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 1:57pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    In fairness, its been hard for the most patient of us, giving some of the performances served up this season. We have been outplayed, outfought and battered in a lot of games, especially with chances created and possession.

    However last game, and in parts against Crewe, we seemed to be knocking it about a bit more, creating chances, and for that we can't sack the manager. Mason had that guilt edged opportunity, Beckford missed from 2 yards, and the keeper somehow landed on a bouncing ball that was going into the net! You can't write that stuff, and if we do that against Sheffield Wednesday we will get something.

    If we managed to get money for Davies, then take it. Dougie has arguably been the best manager we have had in years in regards to transfers. He always pulls out that ace card, Dawson one year, Juke and Mason the next. He makes tough decisions none of us would have taken (Sordell out, Moritz in), in order to secure the long term future he wants with the players he wants. For that reason, I do think we should sell, if we get a good offer. If we can bring in 1 or 2 and still have a few million left over, that is fantastic business, and for once, exciting!

    The real question is, Marc, have you heard anything more?

    Score: -6
    christong 1:57pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Any idea when Stuart Holden is coming back?

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 2:04pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Modou Barrow has signed for Swansea. Another case of, Freedman spotting players with talent, not being given the little cash to splash with a view to making a larger sum in the future. Got to be tough for him.

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 8:38pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    R.E your post at 8:34 Marc, do you mean a replacement to arrive tonight, i.e a target that can now be moved forward and cracked on with?

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 2:11pm Mon 1 Sep 14


    Money is the short answer. Players - even free agents - are asking for much, much, much too much in wages nowadays, which is why a lot of them are still free agents."

    *cough cough Chris Eagles, Zat Knight, Tyrone Mears cough cough*

    Score: 2
    JustaBloke2000 2:28pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Andrew Johnson hasn't been a prolific goalscorer since 2006 and he's now 33. I don't think it's a case of not being able to afford him, I think he'd be a waste of money no matter what he'd be asking for.

    Score: 2
    J_BWFC 2:32pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Did we get any funds from the Sordell transfer ?

    Score: -1
    Rowboti04 2:56pm Mon 1 Sep 14


    Do you have an update on injuries?

    Mark Davies, Josh Vela and Stuart Holden?

    I think all these three can play a vital role this season, including Holden.

    Score: 0
    J J J J 3:01pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    If and only IF Mark Davies leaves (im hoping nothing comes of it but with the club needing the funds its understandable) I would be happy to see someone like Nick Powell from United always had a spark at Wigan and United paid a pretty penny for him too, Could do a job for us even if it is a loan.

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 3:14pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Have the club had any more conversations with anyone regarding exits? Most notably, Mark Davies?

    Score: 0
    Jamster26 3:21pm Mon 1 Sep 14


    Any news at all, Marc?

    Score: 0
    Jamster26 3:23pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Marc, does Dougie has any money to spend? Or do we really need to sell before we can do any business at all?

    Anything at all to report in relation to transfers? It is too quiet!

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 3:35pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Part of me feels Villa wanted Davies but have gone for Canales. Prove me wrong please!

    Score: 0
    J_BWFC 3:35pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Are we not owed a chelsea player on loan from Cahill transfer ?

    Score: 1
    Townleys 3:40pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Sky Sports News reporter at Crystal Palace just mentioned Bolton Wanderers twice in same update. One was in relation to Glenn Murray. Not sure about the other one. Anyone shed any light? Not that we will end up with either of course.

    Score: 1
    Jamster26 3:40pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Any truth in Garvan coming, Marc?

    Score: 0
    Jamster26 3:47pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Garvan!? Talk about uninspiring! We need a striker Dougie!

    Score: 0
    Jamster26 3:50pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    If we do get Garvan, this seems awfully similar to January where, ironically bringing Trotter in, when centre midfield wasn't a position we needed to strengthen.

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 3:48pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    What type of player is Garvan, I know he is a midfielder but is he creative or what? Don't think we need another journeyman, Ream can play in there and can spot a pass.

    Could this mean Davies is on his way

    Score: 0
    Pat1992 3:54pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Pretty sure landing murray would go a long long way to improving relationships between freedman and fans, i personally think this has been a great transfer window for us some top signings bar a striker. it takes time to jel freedman had done a decent job in the last 3 years hats off to him i think we'd be in league one now had it not been for him personally.

    Score: -3
    Armitage93 3:55pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Don't know if you've seen these Marc but jour no from Croyden has tweeted these:
    Mark Ritson @MR_LWMedia · 1h
    Owen Garvan leaves here in a taxi. Flight north perhaps? Could be off. #cpfc

    Mark Ritson @MR_LWMedia · 1h
    Glenn Murray has just left. In his own car. Fans telling him not to leave on the way out. #cpfc

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 3:57pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Can't flipping win! autocorrect on my phone, switch to my macbook and it autocorrects me here!!

    Imagine if we get Murray AND Garvan. If we got Murray i'd do cartwheels

    Score: 0
    Rowboti04 4:00pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Have you heard anything concrete yet, Marc?

    Imagine Garvan might happen, Murray won't and an outgoing...

    Score: 0
    Jamster26 4:01pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Murray would be excellent. Make it happen!

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 4:05pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    87 games sorry

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 4:10pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Davies closer to the exit door?

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 4:13pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Murray off to Reading

    Score: 0
    petevick 4:15pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    According to Nixon, Murray off to Reading

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 4:27pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Any idea how many clubs have come in for Davies Marc? Doesn't look like it will be Burnley.. Perhaps a West Ham or Swansea?

    Score: 0
    J J J J 4:41pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Can I ask are the club looking for offload davies or would it be a preference to hold onto him if possible, would prefer Powell over Garvan as i feel Powell offers more and United (SAF - Sir Alex Ferguson) saw something special in him to pay the fee they did

    Score: 0
    bw8410 6:38pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Stop signing Crystal Palace players! Dear lord... once Freedman will leave the club, no decent manager will want to manage us. Freedman will just sign them back once he lands another job most likely at some obscure Scottish club. Freedman WILL go at some point. Just a question of time. The man has accomplished very little since he arrived. If his objective was to lower the overall wage bill, then anyone could have done that, give me the job! Give it to any staff at the ticket office. Stop changing the team around every week! We're not exactly Chelsea with quality and strength in depth! I understand for the sake of fitness, but the only thing that is consistent is the consistent run of inconsistent performances and results under Freedman. He is simply using Bolton to gain experience. No passion. No entertainment value for money. Poor signings. Same post-match interviews every week speaking of 'desire', 'what we are trying to do at this football club', patient approach to scrape a 1-0 win. We are headed to League One.

    Score: 2
    Armitage93 10:56pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    In the States for the next week Marc, so its only 6pm here! The bias US open coverage of the tennis and the lack of Bolton activity forced my hand I'm afraid haha

    Score: 0
    chrisatty 5:17pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    If Beckford does go to Fulham, do you know if Dougie will have someone in mind to replace him?

    Score: 0
    Townleys 6:22pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Latest on the interweb thingy.


    Score: 0
    J J J J 5:23pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    If Beckford leaves maybe he will try and go for Murray afterall if he hasnt signed somewhere beforehand?

    Score: 0
    chrisatty 5:23pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    "I think this is a bit of a surprise one. Whether he goes immediately for the striker he had in mind, perhaps..."

    Any chance of giving us name? It would surely liven up my day...

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 7:36pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Is halford seen as a striker or do we have strikers lined up to come in for Beckford leaving

    Score: 0
    Hardy83 5:45pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    We can't afford new players even if we sell gartside will just be lining his own pockets but we have wilkinson and clough, two young strikers that need a chance to show what they can do can't be any worse than current or recently past striker like elmander ngog beckford or C Davies.

    Come on dougie give them a CHANCE

    Score: 1
    nickyboy70 6:03pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    breaking news sky say jermain beckford in talks with Fulham who we going to get to replace him.

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 6:13pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Nixons teasing us on twitter, 2 incomings tonight perhaps? Cant remember Bolton doing anything on deadline day, Dougie must feel like he's in a sweetshop if Beckford and/or Davies leaves

    Score: 0
    Jamster26 9:10pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Marc, if Beckford does go, do you have the names of who we might go for? Heard Murray mentioned as a possible target, he would be good!

    Score: 0
    Townleys 6:22pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Latest on the interweb thingy.


    Score: 0
    Townleys 6:22pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Latest on the interweb thingy.


    Score: 0
    radboy1 8:45pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Is this the usual transfer deadline hype? Lots of promise and no action?

    Score: 1
    Allmylife 6:43pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Anyone moving in for Fartside and Freedwoman?

    Best bit of business we could expect today!!!

    Score: 2
    Armitage93 6:49pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    They need to do both, they've been playing Mccormack with Dembele(who is tripe). They need 2 strikers, and Rodallega is departing also to Levante

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 7:08pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Honestly Marc... Are we working on an incoming or two for now? Just you can't say because of sensitivity in the deal... Is that why we haven't confirmed Beckford going?

    Score: 0
    Cambridge White 7:19pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Automatic updates aren't working - any suggestions how to fix it please? (yes is obviously ticked)

    Score: 1
    J J J J 7:20pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Sky Sports understands Crystal Palace striker Glenn Murray is having a medical at Reading ahead of a move to the Madejski Stadium. Target slowly getting away??

    Score: 0
    Rowboti04 7:24pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Not sure where Murray is really!

    Apparently Neil Ashton (Sky Sports) said he was having medical at Bolton this morning!

    Score: 0
    J J J J 7:35pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    I think IF beckford does go we should replace him with a striker, keep in mind he was the club top scorer last season and strikers dont come cheap and they are very limited demand. Dont need garvan unless mark davies leaves and dont think we need halford in all honesty, goals win you games and solid defense which with confidence will come.

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 7:43pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    What fee is being talked about for Jermaine?

    Score: 0
    Rowboti04 7:45pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    If Beckford goes, are we likely to make last ditch bid for this striker?

    Got me all excited now.

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 7:52pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    What stage is Beckford at? Fee agreed? Is he on his way to Fulham?

    Score: 0
    Armitage93 7:58pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    So Beckford goes in the next hour we could see an arrival or two tonight? Promising

    Score: 0
    shadowfax 8:01pm Mon 1 Sep 14


    Score: 8
    J J J J 8:05pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Do we have a figure for beckford if he is planning to be let go? 6 figure 5 figure with add ons? Watch him go and score them about 15+ goals, would be a waste to let him go if we cant sign a striker permanently who will score us about 20+ goals, loans just wont suffice anymore we make them good and then send them back and cannot get them back.

    Score: 1
    Armitage93 8:24pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Beckford on more than 10k a week? Surely for someone of his finishing caliber, we should be commanding a fee of above 500k. His representatives have clearly been talking to Fulham, thats where the noise came from. Im hopeful with him seemingly on the way there, Dougie can get a striker in before 11

    Score: 0
    J J J J 8:49pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Whats to say we are all sat here contemplating what might happen and really nothing is happening and its all just talk and we are indeed set for a quiet deadline day. The power of the mind and all that

    Score: 0
    J J J J 9:12pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Have the club made any comments on any of the "rumours"?

    Score: 0
    J J J J 9:21pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    In all honesty Marc can you see anything happening in the last hour or so?

    Score: 0
    Strick 9:26pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    I don't suppose there's any chance of a club coming in for the football genius that is Dougie Freedman?

    If only Carlsberg did transfer deadline days!

    Score: 1
    jimborck 9:31pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    are you sending yourself messages as " jjjj " just to give yourself something to do ?????

    Score: 0
    Townleys 9:47pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Wonder if he regrets it now?

    Former Bolton player Kevin Davies recalls when he was involved in a transfer deadline saga: "It was the January transfer window three years ago. Sunderland came knocking and I'd a few chats with their manager Martin O'Neill.

    "It came to deadline day, the agent turned up and the deal was on the table. I was told by the agent to bang on manager Owen Coyle's door and tell him I wanted to leave. I didn't want to do that. I wanted to sit down and talk about it. Owen looked me in the eye and said, 'you tell me you want to leave Bolton'. He kind of had me really. He knew I was the captain of the club and knew how much Bolton meant to me.

    "It was a lot of information to take in on that day. I weighed it up with the family and worked out it wasn't the right move for us."

    Score: 0
    jimborck 9:53pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    watching ss deadline day, **** there is more repeats on this than corrie and emerdale together........

    Score: 1
    clawhand 10:05pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    back to the dark old days for bolton..........they will be building an aldi on the corner of the macron nxt.........joke club from top to bottom.......gartsid
    es nothing more than a fat dick turpin.......and freedman and his side kick lenny are nothing short of sunday league managers.......the club is doomed

    Score: 6
    Liamdog 10:16pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    What an utter load of tripe... No one was ever remotely interested in Mark Davies. No one would pay good money for useless Beckford how many transfer deadlines have come and gone recently And no one wants any Bolton players! No quality no buyers ! Only good news the Bolton fans could have hoped for this week is is the departure of DF and Gartside who have overseen a shamefull decline of our club, What other buisness company or management would put up with such diabolicle performances both in team performance, income, ticket sales, and decline in profits and growth. An absolute utter disgrace, how long before the ground is sold to Tesco for an extension.

    Score: 7
    Armitage93 10:25pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Nothing like Bolton fans to over exaggerate. Don't see the point in loaning Beckford mark, only a sale would work surely. Still time yet

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    Armitage93 10:26pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Why mac has autocorrect on it, i'll never understand... Marc**

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    Armitage93 10:33pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Wild rumour doing the rounds that Leeds have offered Beckford 16k a week, take it or leave it...

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    Townleys 10:42pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Just for you Marc.

    The Rivaldo legend.

    You have to admire Sam Allardyce's balls. They must be massive.

    His tenure at Bolton Wanderers will go down in history as one of the finest we ever saw. He brought the club from the bottom of the First Division to the heights of the Premier League and UEFA Cup - being just a hair's breadth from qualifying for the Champions League along the way.

    He made his name in reviving the careers of struggling 'names' such as Youri Djorkaeff, Jay Jay Okocha and Ivan Campo, as well as prolonging the top level careers of older players such as ex-Real Madrid captain Fernando Hierro.

    One of Allardyce's failed coups however has gone down in club folklore: the attempt to sign Brazilian striker Rivaldo.

    In 2004, Bolton were enjoying their fourth consecutive season in the top flight, and under Allardyce's control they would end up finishing a hugely creditable sixth, earning a first ever shot at the UEFA Cup.

    The Brazilian had enjoyed a stellar career with the likes of Deportivo La Coruna, Barcelona and AC Milan, but in 2004 he was coming to the end of his time in Italy, and at 32 was no longer a spring chicken.

    Allardyce made inquiries about Rivaldo's availability during the January transfer window and was told that the World Cup winner was unlikely to countenance a move to one of the Premiership's least fashionable sides. However, the manager utilised his legendary powers of persuasion, and the move was on.

    His contract at Milan was terminated, with Rivaldo having spent the second half of the season back in Brazil playing for Cruzeiro, and having made just two appearances for Carlo Ancelotti's Milan team this season, his agent began approaching English clubs, including Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, with a view to Rivaldo ending his career in the Premiership. Even as a free agent, however, the player's wage demands, believed to be around £3 million a year, priced him out of the market.

    Although there was plenty of interest, a lack of firm offers forced him to return to Brazil where a local pharmaceutical company funded his move to the Belo Horizonte side, Cruzeiro.
    Although he scored for Brazil against Peru in November, Rivaldo, who played for Cruzeiro on reduced wages, left the club in February and has been unable to keep his place in the national team.

    It was also reported at the time that Rivaldo, owner of 75 international caps and 34 goals for Brazil, considered a lucrative offer from the Saudi Arabian team Al Ittihad and also had approaches from Portugal's Porto, Espanyol in Spain and Spartak Moscow.

    It was then that Allardyce struck a deal with the former World Player of the Year. Meeting in a Manchester hotel, the manager and chairman thrashed out terms on a one year contract, and shook hands, leaving with the impression that the deal had been done.

    Big Sam even told Sky:

    "We have taken in all kinds of waifs and strays, people who were out of shape and out of sorts and we've turned them into proper players again,"

    "Sometimes it just comes down to putting an arm around a player and making him feel wanted again. Football can be a lonely environment when you are on a downer.

    "Even the best players can feel lost when things turn against them which I think is what has happened in Rivaldo's case."

    However, things soon took a turn for the worst. Scottish side Celtic entered the scene, and Rivaldo appeared to have his head turned away from the Reebok. After four weeks of to-ing and fro-ing, Allardyce said that he felt the forward would be signing for another club.

    Then, famously, Bolton chairman Phil Gartside claimed to have received confirmation of the transfer being close:

    "I've got a fax in my pocket which arrived this morning saying he wants to come to us.

    "It also says he doesn't want to play in Scotland.

    "We are still hoping to do something with him. We've offered him a deal which he's accepted financially and it's just a case of getting together with him to put pen-to-paper."

    Then, everything collapsed.

    Wanderers lost patience with the Brazil star, with Gartside telling the club's website:

    "I think as far as we are concerned, the Rivaldo situation is finished,"

    "He indicated by talking to people in Qatar he is looking at the money aspect, not the football aspect."

    Gartside added:

    "We were told he wanted to resume his international career by playing in the Premiership.

    "But that doesn't appear to be his main focus. He is not going to get that kind of exposure if he goes to Qatar."

    Rivaldo held talks with the Qatar FA on Monday, but it had been thought unlikely that he would sign a deal with them.

    The 32-year-old had been told a move over there would end his international career.

    However, Qatar FA technical director Manfred Honer claimed:

    "Rivaldo has signed for us. He has been here for three days and is finding a place to live."

    Instead, the player moved to Greece, to join Olympiakos. After two successful seasons he moved across Athens to join AEK, before winding down his career playing in Uzbekistan, Angola, and for four different sides in Brazil.

    Another one that got away.

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    J J J J 10:54pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    can utd not just give us £50m it would go down well within the club :D. One can always dream

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    Steven Battersby 11:07pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    Mr Armitage's post is well written and largely an accurate representation of where our beloved club is. Looking at it in a factual sense I have to agree with what he says.
    However we also know that despite these constraints it is a fact that Dougie Freedman's own performance has fallen way short of what could be achieved with this squad. His constant rotation of players, sterile tactics, a failure to use players to their best advantage e.g. Beckford and his total disregard for the intelligence of supporters with his often crass post match comments are surely factors that are now proving extremely difficult to defend.
    I do believe he will be given at least the next two home matches to start turning things around but were we to lose those games then I believe the groundswell of anger and frustration from the stands would mean some change at the top would become inevitable. Whether that change would help or just exacerbate the situation who can say but I think it would be an inevitable consequence of any further poor results.

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    Armitage93 11:12pm Mon 1 Sep 14

    When you go for top players, there's always a high chance you lose out. If you don't speculate, you don't accumulate. Luckily for us though, i'm sure Dougie has more on his list and 1 will be in by next Saturday

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    Riggermortis 8:11am Tue 2 Sep 14

    No news

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    wanderer1874 2:58pm Tue 2 Sep 14

    Well said Marc...

    Fellow Bolton fans probably won’t like this, but its time for a reality check.

    The club has been absolutely crippled since a year before relegation, at least. Players commanding huge fees, to later leave on a free transfer, monumental wage packets etc...

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    wanderer1874 3:01pm Tue 2 Sep 14

    ...or well said Armitage93...!

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