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Live Transfer Deadline Day Blog

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The Bolton News: Photograph of the Author

Marc Iles, chief football writer

    Good morning folks, I'm Marc Iles. Brew in hand, I'm ready to see another transfer deadline day through... are you with me?


Valderee 8:47am Fri 31 Aug 12

Hi Marc, different "tweets" already this morning on length of Spearing loan - season long (Nixon/Sky); 6 months (also Sky?). What have you heard?

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bwfchaiden 8:56am Fri 31 Aug 12

Hi Marc, few sources suggesting that NRC is being looked at by the Addicks. Any truth in the rumours he may rejoin us?

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exiled 9:00am Fri 31 Aug 12

I'd be happy with the following:

- Matthew Upson - experienced CB, would be fine at this level and help our dodgy back four.

- Gary Neville - occasional / regular defence coach, lives in Bolton

- NRC - will learn from his experiences last season, gel with the squad better, and could be good option to strengthen the team.

Spearing may be ok, but the team needs experience and to be able to put ina few hard tackles this season. Can't rely on OC and his endless preaching about young players - the other top teams all have some muscle and experience available to them.

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mickey12345 9:00am Fri 31 Aug 12

morning marc this is probably the most important desdline day for us for a while with the position we are in , owen needs to get it right he needs someone who is going to make a big differance and give everyone a boost as confidence seems low if not i can see us struggling this season as this form as been going on for 18 months good luck owen....

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assasin 9:11am Fri 31 Aug 12

jay spearing just been interviewed on sky confirming mnth loan

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assasin 9:13am Fri 31 Aug 12

should read 6month

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assasin 9:16am Fri 31 Aug 12

hi marc, have you head anythng about oc interested in a guy [ striker ] from dundee utd called russell ?

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Valderee 10:54am Fri 31 Aug 12

Nixon now saying O'Halloran out on loan, Carlisle favourites? Still think we need a left back.

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Valderee 10:54am Fri 31 Aug 12

Nixon now saying O'Halloran out on loan, Carlisle favourites? Still think we need a left back.

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Valderee 12:41pm Fri 31 Aug 12

BBC reporting that Coyle has completed business for the day. Is he really satisfied with that defence? Very worrying.

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exiled 1:04pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Vela out 4 months. Bring back NRC!!

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wanderer4life 1:42pm Fri 31 Aug 12

We must find a true goal scorer . . . period. Any thoughts?

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exiled 3:45pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Bit worrying all this lack of transfer activity. Poor defence, variable midfield, misfiring strikers. maybe Mark Curtis ("agent/consultant") isn't capable of bringing the right players to our club.

If OC fails to deliver this time around (again) then he can't blame a tough fixture start, endless injuries, broken legs or Muamba's situation. It's in his hands alone.

Really hoped we'd get in experienced centre back, 1 midfielder and 1 goal poacher.

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exiled 3:47pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Just reaslised Jim White will be bawling at me tonight on Sky. Can't stand the man.

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stuarth 5:11pm Fri 31 Aug 12

I'm with you. Get another brew, that one must be cold now.

So......... any news?

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dazza666 8:50pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Hi Marc, Anything solid on the Jason Beckford rumour?
Thanks, Max

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dazza666 10:14pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Just signed RAZIAK.......aghhhh flash backs!!!! ;-)

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dazza666 11:01pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Last Min signing.... Defender....M. Owen....ever heard of him!?

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hoboh2o 11:34pm Fri 31 Aug 12

Coyle wouldn't know how to sign a cheque never mind players we need!
Hope the new lad brings his splinter pickers with him.

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Michael123 9:44am Sat 1 Sep 12

Having followed BWFC for over 40 years I know our fortunes run in cycles. We are firmly on a downward spiral with no chance of making progress out of this division.

I an sure OC has had his day as his team lack flair, pace,belief and a absolute shambolic defence. Our playes wear the awful designed shirts wth as much pride and movement as bill board carriers

So to make progress. I believe success this seaon will be to avoid relegation. Lets get Reebok back on our shirts as the current one reminds me too much to the days of Normid.

OC believes in youth yet we see a serious lack of real talent coming through the ranks that our future can be based on, Get rid of it and replace it with decent talent scouts

If Phil Gartside would have backed Big Sam at a time when we had potential to make that final push, he wouldn't have left and then who knows?

We need a new manager ( Am I the only person that thinks OC post match ontervews now resembles someone who requires deperate care as he has lost sight of what is really going on )

As to that only Phil Gartside will know. Maybe he will bring back Sammy from his pocket!!!!

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