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MATCHDAY LIVE: Hull City 3 Wanderers 1

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    gangster22 4:07pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    Something that no one has mentioned but I feel it could work..4-4-1-1 with kevin favies being the player between attack and mid field..he could help both out,with his work rate and winning the ball as much as he ddoes I feel it would work well.. At this rate I fear coyle wont have long long left to try things
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    Rememberscarborough 4:13pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    I've got a lot of time for OC but his half time "team talks" seem to do nothing but harm. Maybe better for the team to stay on the pitch...
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    gangster22 4:30pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    I do like coyle but as a manager he is just not good enough I fear..tactically wise he is clueless and things for the past 18-20 moths have gone from worse to worse..after every game he says the same things,i just wish one time he would just say we were awful etc...not good enough and if we want to turn things around I fear coyle may be the one to go
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    Nigbwfc 4:34pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    How long will our club accept this Mr Megson sacked for less and after keeping us up not getting us relegated
    Score: 0
    RB Spain 5:13pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    WEst Ham won today with most of BWFC players Good old Sam.
    Score: 0
    fieryfred 5:23pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    just watched west ham, 5 ex bolton players plus manager, all in prem. we have championship manager and rubish players, time for coyle to go, or further down we go.
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    gangster22 5:50pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    Coyle obviously is struggling and things are going from bad to worse...how about coyle out and harry rednapp in?-maybe bit ambitious to get him but he looking for a job,get him quick before someone else does imo
    Score: 0
    saj70n 6:00pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    With a team full of home grown talent this is the result rubbish football no tactics no skill, I don't care what people say if you want to compete 95% of the players should be foreign
    Score: 0
    Lee66 7:11pm Sat 1 Sep 12
    Why are we only permitted to comment on certain articles relating to bwfc coyle etc? Coyle gartside out now !!
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    booths 10:58am Sun 2 Sep 12
    ive supported bwfc since 1948 many yrs as aseason ticket holder but after1 seasonof owen coyle id had enough no plan b, bad tactician, cannot organise the defence,time to get rid of his defensive coach steve davieswho has had two yrs to sort out and organise the defense now no better if owen does not im afried he will have to go. jack s.
    Score: 0
    Rob Wanderer 4:09pm Sun 2 Sep 12
    I must agree oc is skating on thin ice,the fans can only put up with so much dire football.As said before why not play kevin just behind the front two and give abit of bully in the mid field,and what as oc got against petrov he his no worse than any of the other players.If Bolton dont get their act together we will be in div one come on you whites
    Score: 0
    Mike On The Wire 10:53am Mon 3 Sep 12
    I was at the Hull game. An extremely poor performance again from Bolton. We looked disorganised aagain and had no width compared to a superbly marshalled Hull. The biggest coaching howler to my mind is the static behaviour of our players in the box when we have an opportunity from a free kick. This handed the iniative to Hull defenders every time whilst their players moved around in the box for each corner and free kick they took...and that is how they scored the equaliser by creating confusion. We seem to have no guile. The coaches are responsible for this situaton and are just not good enough. Also, the pace was too slow for the championship. To quote a Mark Cohn song....We are going nowhere fast.
    Score: 0
    Mike On The Wire 1:38pm Mon 3 Sep 12
    In my earlier comment regarding the Hull game my comment about the coaches refers to the tactics they employed on the day not being good enough to beat the opposition. The comment is not about the coaches themselves.
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    crompo g 1:47pm Mon 3 Sep 12
    Time for coyle and his team to go before more damage is done. if we are not pushing automatic come january then bye bye to holden, chungy, mark davies all for peanuts. Premier league now seems a distant memory...act now Gartside.
    Score: 0
    icky 4:44pm Mon 3 Sep 12
    Couldn't agree anymore i'm sorry but its time for Coyle to go,but also i feel Garside and Davies should sell up aswell.The problems started when big Sam was here and he wanted to try and get into the champions league but Bolton Wanderers would not take gamble and back him.This in my opinion is why we are in this league now,relegation as been on the cards for at least the last 3 years.It makes me laugh when every season we dont go and buy some good decent players majority of the time its loans,and we've had some cracking loans at Bolton Wanderers the likes of Wiltshire and Sturridge,but these players then go back to there clubs.Why can't we take a gamble and buy these players or at least try and buy them instead of penny pinching on rubbish.If Bolton Wanderers don't start to tighten that back line and stop conceading sloppy goals then i'm sorry Bolton fans kiss goodbye for a return back to the Premiership,to be honest i think they'll be lucky to get into the play offs.
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