ZAT Knight believes Mark Davies could soon take the Championship by storm... if only he could develop a nasty streak!

Wanderers turned down a £5million offer from Swansea City in the summer to cling on to their prized midfielder.

But after a slow start, he bounced back to top form with a stunning winner at Hillsborough on Saturday.

Knight believes his fellow Midlander has the talent to be the best player plying his trade outside the top flight.

But the former Fulham player believes that Davies needs to add some more steel to his silky skills to live up to his lofty billing.

“If he believes in himself a little bit more, and maybe gets a bit dirtier, he could do anything he wants,” he said. “I think he’s a bit too nice at times. He only wants to do one side of the game.

“But when he’s got the ball at his feet he can create magic, especially in this league.

“If we can build his confidence then the world is his oyster. “It’s up to him.”

It seemed Davies’ days were numbered at the Reebok when a series of Premier League clubs started to sniff round over the summer.

Swansea’s offer was the only serious one to materialise but Knight was pleased to see Owen Coyle stick to his guns to keep a player he rated at around £10m.

“I think the club has done fantastically to keep him, at least until January or it would be great until the end of the season,” he said.

“It’s credit to him because he wants to get back into the Premier League with Bolton.

“If he keep him fit and keep him ticking away then he can do that. Speaking to him he's comfortable, happy with where he is, and has a good bunch of lads and a manager around him.

“There's no pressure whereas if he moves on, there's a lot.

“I just want to see him keep at the top of his game because it's great when the club keep their better players.”

Knight admits he's been frustrated by Wanderers' indifferent start to the campaign, but thinks a corner has been turned with their latest victory at Sheffield Wednesday.

“I think the penny has dropped,” he said. “I'm the first to go away and beat myself up after a bad game.

“You can see we're better than a lot of teams down here, so it's hard when we let them and make weaker teams get a chance.

“It was a sloppy penalty to give away but we showed great spirit to get back into the lead with a great goal.

“We have to fight in every game. We're not that good of a team to just turn up and think we can win.”