THE “mystery man” at the centre of the latest controversy surrounding Amir Khan’s defeat by Lamont Peterson has revealed he will attend a hearing into the fight on January 18 and insists he has “nothing to hide”.

Mustafa Ameen hit the headlines last week when Khan questioned his ringside presence during the split decision defeat in Washington DC that cost him his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles.

The Bolton fighter – who has previously complained about referee Joe Cooper’s performance and questioned the judges’ scoring of the fight – used his Twitter account to post a series of images of Ameen and to draw attention to his movements around the judges’ table during the fight.

Khan’s promoter, Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions, identified the man as Ameen, who supposedly has ties to the IBF.

Ameen himself has finally broken his silence and reportedly said on Facebook: “So you are questioning if I did something to harm my Muslim brother (Khan)? May almighty Allah protect me from what you and the rest of you assert.

Don’t make assumptions based on allegations.”

Ameen also gave an interview to insisting he will keep his counsel until the IBF hearing – which could lead to the body ordering a rematch – has been held.

“Amir Khan and Golden Boy have requested a hearing to appeal the decision and I am going to participate in the hearing and I’m not going to take the path that others have taken and state my case on the internet and in the media,” he said.

“I’ve got nothing to hide. I’m not running or ducking or anything.”

Ameen’s identity was initially unknown but he is an experienced figure in the sport.

“It’s just unfair,” he said. “I’m known in boxing circles, I’m not a secret.

“I’m not a mystery man at all.”

Khan’s team want the fight declared a no contest – which would give him his titles back – after criticising Cooper’s deduction of two points while also highlighting several ambiguities on the night, the latest of which is Ameen’s presence and alleged interference with WBA supervisor Michael Welsh.