ON April Fools Day, the depleted Crazy Gang – Little Eddie, Lazarus and I – met players Chris Lawton and Mark Truffas at Alder House and set off on the relatively short journey to Castleton to face Rochdale Town.

We expected a quiet night in the town of “Co-operation” and Gracie Fields. Ha.

What ensued is told below by comments lifted from Twitter, with the majority of the tweets from my account @ACFC1916:

“2 down after 9 mins, 1st wonder goal & 2nd at 3rd attempt after Priestley had made 2 point blank saves. Crazy Gang Silenced.”

“3-0 down 17 minutes, centre half has time to shoot from edge of box into corner of net. Could be a cricket score!”

“21 mins big boot forward. Lad in right place, great finish. 4 down!”

“23 mins Leece put in and scores from edge of box, in off the post 1-4 Comeback?”

“28 mins Daryl Peet sets up Gaz Peet to score 2-4.”

“Nailed on penalty turned down when Paul Ath upended. Not happy.”

“43 mins Free kick breaks down. Peet floats in, Halliwell slides ball in at far post 3-4.”

“Half time 3-4. Utter madness!”

“49 mins bad goal to give away but good finish 3-5.”

“51 mins 3-6 header in 6 yard box. Jekyll n Hide.” “52 mins 4-6 Mitch Leece. COMEDY night in Rochdale.”

“53 mins 4-7 shot hits bar and lad follows in, could be more goals than speccies here tonight!”

“57 mins 5-7 Mitch Leece lob hat-trick. Where’s Jeremy Beadle?”

“Charlie Stoker coming on 65 mins. No pressure lad!”

“81 mins Stoker beats offside trap 6-7.”

@GJA69: “Are both teams kicking the same way or flying goalies?”

“6-8 assist for liner and ball stopping in duck pond area in middle of pitch. Goodnight Vienna.”

“Lost 8-6, words fail me.”

@76wilbur: “Sounds like a real boring game. Feel sorry for the unlucky punters who paid to watch this! Jealous.”

@nwcfl: “You can’t say NWCFL isn’t value for money!!!”

“On way back to Colls for a Corona or 6 or 8. The crowd of 22 have just witnessed a game they will never forget.”

The game was the first 8-6 scoreline in the league’s 32-year history, while the Colls became only the third side to score six and lose.

If Carlsberg did preposterous football games this would be the one.

Let’s not forget it was April Fools Day!