IT could be a pub quiz question in a few years’ time: Which was the last Bolton Wanderers team to win at Wembley?

Most people would say Bruce Rioch’s 1995 play-off winners, but in fact it was only a week or so ago.

Year 6 pupils from Bolton School won the Football League Kids’ Trust Cup final In a closely-contested game, the boys overcame St James’ School, who represented AFC Bournemouth.

Despite going a goal behind, the boys, captained by Jensen Myerscough, came through as 3-1 winners as they took centre stage prior to the Championship Play-Off final between Derby County and QPR.

After conceding the early goal, the Bolton players began to stamp their authority and an equaliser came after Jameson Goloba went down following a careless challenge in the box.

Goloba despatched the resulting penalty. In the second half, Joshua Stephenson’s shot trickled into the net.

With just minutes remaining Cian Spencer-McDermott secured victory with a sensational free-kick from 20 yards. The boys climbed the famous Wembley steps to receive their trophy.

Stephen Whittaker, head of the junior boys’ school, said: “As the families entered the stadium we knew the day was going to be amazing.

“Even before the boys walked out, led by Football League staff onto the Wembley turf, the sheer grandeur of the stadium was overwhelming.

“Each of the teams were announced over the sound system to the arriving fans whilst the boys were shown on the big screen. The boys took a little while to get started and the catalyst seemed to be Bournemouth’s goal.

“The match was topped off with a delightful free-kick from Cian. In all, the experience was amazing for parents and boys alike and will be remembered for many years to come.”