ALTHOUGH not entirely surprised, I was as sickened as anyone to hear England’s black players being subjected to racist taunts in Bulgaria on Friday night.

I’m afraid it has become par for the course – especially in eastern Europe – and after the latest round of monkey noises in Sofia, the Football Association has, quite rightly, complained to UEFA.

But I’m delighted to hear the FA have also adopted a “zero tolerance”

approach to the ongoing problem of racism in the ranks of their own travelling support.

Anyone who has travelled to international games knows full well there is a vocal element that continues to tarnish England’s reputation – and they were at it again in Sofia, aiming racist abuse at Bulgaria’s Romany minority.

England players displayed their abhorrence to racism by wearing Kick It Out wrist bands in training this week.

But tokens and wise words are all well and good – it’s firm action that is needed.

Before we point fingers at others, we should first ensure our own house is in order.

Let he that is without sin cast the first ston