SOME might use the phrase “economical with the truth”, others will attempt to trivialise the issue with the word “porkies”, but let’s tell it like it really is – either Patrice Evra or Luis Suarez is lying over the Anfield “race”


Manchester United defender Evra has alleged Suarez racially abused him on a number of occasions during Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Anfield, an allegation the Liverpool striker strongly denies.

Liverpool have backed their man as Manchester United have theirs and if United follow it up with an official complaint, which seems to be only a matter of time, the FA that will be forced to investigate.

That will put two of the Premiership’s fiercest rivals on a collision course the game, the league and the clubs could well do without.

This is not a case of misinterpretation. Either Evra or Suarez is behaving irresponsibly (sorry, they are lying) and needs to examine their conscience to avoid further damage being done.