BURY FC is finalising plans to build a new training complex in the town and redevelop its main stand.

Bosses are set to end months of speculation by unveiling plans to cement the future of the Gigg Lane club within the next few weeks.

Club chairman Stewart Day has spoken to the Bury Times to give a sneak preview of “exciting times” which lie ahead for the town and its football supporters.

The twin main objectives — new training ground and main stand — are said to be part of the club’s ambitious goals to achieve Champion-ship football while reinforcing its roots in the town which has been its home since 1885.

Although full details of the plans have still to be announced and Mr Day declined to comment on the proposed site for the new training complex, it is understood sports fields belonging to the Bury Grammar Schools are an option being considered.

Mr Day said: “We are very close and we are hoping that in the next week or two we will be there. It’s frustrating because we have got to do things the right way and make sure from a legal point of view we don’t disclose things until all the ‘is’ are dotted and the ‘ts’ are crossed.

“It’s frustrating because we are excited. We are hugely excited because of what the future holds for the club and the redevelopment that is going to go into place in preparing for Championship football.

“I don’t want to be preparing for it when we get there, I want to be preparing as we are on the journey.

“There is a real structure put into place and when the plans are released I am sure the fans will be delighted.”

The chairman continued: “We have a redevelopment (of the ground) and a training complex that we are trying to get involved in because that is a big area to recruit players and make sure we can get the quality of players.

“Just having the one or two pitches to train on isn’t beneficial. We want to get a system where all the academy teams from under-8s up are playing together on a Sunday morning.

“We wanted to make sure it was in the town as well. We had offers to go outside the area, which we have turned down, because we wanted to have our training facilities within the town. That was important to me.”

Mr Day concluded: “The redevelopment of the main stand is another thing we are looking to do and when those plans get unveiled it will be exciting.”

Bury Grammar Schools (BGS) have admitted there had been talks with Bury FC over a training complex being built at its sports grounds.

BGS bursar Mr David Harrison said: “We’ve had contact with Bury FC but I can’t really discuss any further details at this stage.”

The club’s current training ground is at Lower Gigg.

Last year, Bury FC changed the name of its Gigg Lane ground to the JD Stadium after sealing the largest commercial deal in its 129-year history. The Shakers agreed a groundbreaking three-year sponsorship deal with retailer JD Sports Fashion PLC which has its headquarters in Pilsworth.

JD will also be the main shirt sponsor from next season.