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Sheffield United v Bury

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    russdeshaker 8:31am Mon 17 Sep 12
    went to sheffield and what a differance a week makes,100 per cent improvement on the preston game.eileens fav player ste f1 was better than hes been lately.thought bandana sodje had a below par game by his standards.wasnt happy with the sheffield no 19 giving the bury fans the v sign in the first half,had the bury fans not been as well behaved as we usually are could quite easily have been a riot with the no of fans trying to linch him,can u imagine if he did that to the sheff wed fans what would have happened.i for one dont pay good money to go and watch some infant upstart giving me the v sign and espacially when i have my seven yr old daughter watching as well.so mr cofie got himself reported to the police who said his behavour was uncalled for and they would look at the cctv and see if they can see it,if so he will be in trouble. Play like that against transvestites on tues and we should be ok.still ned a striker although the movement up front was a lot better.should have had 2 pens and 1 of theirs should have been sent off.ref was an homer yet again,never seem to get that type of ref down gigg
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    Eileenshakers 12:21pm Mon 17 Sep 12
    You were obviously watching a different game to the rest of us 'RUDESHAKER' sorry i changed your name.Had Sodje not been playing we would have caved in defensively.There was no mention of a V- sign from any report that i have read.I must have missed that one whilst reading the programme notes.Yes this was a steely determined point.It's good to see the likes of Pratt being promoted to the bench.We need to ditch Cullen,i never want to see him in our starting line up again.1925 we have waited for a win at Bramble Bramall Lane and he blows our best chance.Schuey is class as you know what they say."CLASS IS PERMANENT,FORM IS TEMPORARY" vroom vroom.On this evidence we will be playing them again next season.We have set the standard.The fixtures however look really tough up to match 13.
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    russdeshaker 8:04pm Mon 17 Sep 12
    eileen,believe what u want to but know this i dont go wasting my time reporting to the police anything that did not happen regarding their number 19.sodjie was responsible for the sheffield goal and i have seen him play a lot better than he did,their front two made him look like a 60 yr old on a few occasions in the first half alone and if it wasnt for a excellent performance from an excellent goalkeeper they would have scored a lot more than the one but after saying that it was a better perfomance from the whole team,everyone of them put in an hard shift.Why have u changed my name?,i thought me and u were friends? i mean i could have change your name before sat to eileenfails or eileenwanderer of horwich.you proberbly should give up reading the programme notes as it seems to me you have missed a lot more than the v sign,it happened 30 to 35 mins into the first half sodj was ajudged to have fouled the number 19 on the right side of our penalty area just outside and while most fans were watching the ref talking to sodj thats when it happened, the v ign with his back to the ref and his hand close to his chest.there was no need4 it and if it had been me abusing him at the barrier behind the goal i would have been carted out of the ground if not arrested for it.
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    Eileenshakers 11:41am Tue 18 Sep 12
    There you go again Russ no i'm not a fan of the afforementioned teams.Ok maybe you saw this incident let's just see if anything comes of it.I might even go on SHEFFIELD'S FOOTBALL HEAVEN PROGRAMME this week to enquire why none of their commentary team saw the very same incident.I happened to be listening to the whole game on my radio on that very station and heard no mention of it.Sodje had a blinder so much so that he came off with a tight groin so he must have been working his socks off for the team.You can't blame him for the goal the ball was flicked over his head and our former youth player Blackman hit it goalbound in an instant.It was just a case of speed of thought and instant reactions not being at the same level.One player is young,hungry and more alert.Goalie should have saved it in anycase though Carson dug us out of many holes throughout the game,He has been our player of the season so far.
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    russdeshaker 7:24pm Tue 18 Sep 12
    eileen,i was stood twenty yards away when their goal was scored.with no disrespect intended i wasnt listening to some commentary of the match at home and i saw everything unfold even carson mouthed off at sodje for the goal.i am one of sodjes biggest fans and unlike a commentary team i am not just following the ball i also watch the players elsewhere on the pitch its called player movement.carson was a rock world class.
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    Eileenshakers 7:47pm Tue 18 Sep 12
    I was at the ground listening to the match on BBC RADIO SHEFFIELD and watching the game.As far as i am aware of it this is not an unusual thing to do.So don't make presumptions matey.I accept that Sodje might have been at fault for the goal but these things happen in a split second and like i said the speed of thought from a younger man will be sharper than someone who is old enough to be his dad.So keep your wig on.
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    shakencity 9:17am Wed 19 Sep 12
    Eileen, "I was at the ground listening to the match on BBC RADIO SHEFFIELD and watching the game. As far as i am aware of it this is not an unusual thing to do" Really? I've never heard anyone doing that before. I think russ had a right to be presumptuous after you said, "I happened to be listening to the whole game on my radio on that very station and heard no mention of it", as that does tend to suggest you weren't actually at the game. Anyway.............. another defeat last night puts us rooted at the foot of the table. The question now is, how many points adrift of 5th bottom are we to wait before a new manager is named? Was it not rocket science to have put a shortlist together weeks ago and have a new man interviewed installed by now, irrespective of how results went. Why have we waited until we're rock bottom before we do anything about it.
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    Eileenshakers 11:30am Wed 19 Sep 12
    It's called using a walkman old fashioned i know but i have always liked to listen to football commentaries whilst being at a ground Shaken.When i was other grounds like Old Trafford they provide this service or don't they provide this option at your favourite club down at The Ettihad stadium?. In the old days we had to rely on scores at half time on boards numbered a-z which appeared in our programme.Don't much care for what your opinion on whether i was at Bramall lane or not.Yes we need a new boss now as THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL.Other so called lesser teams like Yeovil,Walsall and Oldham have strengthened.The problem with this league this season is that there aren't the bigger clubs around to take easy points of the so called lesser teams.We have gone backwards as a club instead of progressing. I have to say i enjoyed the latter stages of the Champions league game last night,thought Joe Hart's comments were priceless.Ps a final thought why would a person who lives in Sheffield miss The Bury game?.They aren't called Blades for nothing,they like to fall to their feet as players (divers).Last night Mr Kettle must have been a home referee and got fed up of our wastefulness in front of goal.
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    shakencity 12:58pm Wed 19 Sep 12
    No idea about the commentary option at City, as i just watch the game. Just to point out Eileen, Bury is my No1 club and has been since '85/86 (when i started going with my mates). Before that i got took to Maine Rd, as i did to Burnden and Gigg by my Dad....i even went to Stockport on Friday nights. I too remember those A-Z scoreboards, i used to love the anticipation of waiting for those half-time board to change. I only go to City as regular as i do now because i get free tickets through a friend who works there, i'm not going to pass those tickets up now am i? ps. I never had an opinion Eileen, as to be honest, i couldn't care less if you went or not. I just said your post "tends to suggest" you weren't there. pps. I wonder why you enjoyed the latter stages of the CL last night. Ummmm!!!
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    Eileenshakers 1:33pm Wed 19 Sep 12
    Ok Shaken i accept that you are a life long Shakers fan.Just don't judge other people's actions.Well i didn't attend the game at Prenton Park last night as i had far more important matters to attend to.However the Madrid-City game was lively in the second half wasn't it?.City know now how tough it's going to be to win this Champions League don't they?,to see out a game.Had they won then they would have been the first club to have won an opening game against Madrid on their pitch from the European cup in all of it's guises.No news on the manager situation at Gigg Lane.With 3 home games to come they need to act fast but that's not Fenton's way.Our summer transfer policies and dithering have sown the seeds of disaster which will yield relegation i'm affraid.
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    shakencity 2:02pm Wed 19 Sep 12
    Unfortunately, i agree.
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    easylife44 6:06pm Wed 19 Sep 12
    This has shades of Rochdale....bottom of the league this time last year after a few games, manager left....conslidated club in first year in league1. Let's hope the end story is not the same.
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