THREE local cycling clubs are looking to make an inter-club series of races an annual event after a successful first year.

Horwich Cycling Club, the Bolton-based Lancashire Road Club and Chorley Cycling Club got together to organise the new competition this summer.

In past years the three clubs have run their own separate hill climbs for members and non-members.

However, this year the three decided to work together and form a combined competition incorporating four events between May and June.

The series of climbs, all accessible and familiar to local riders, is aimed at getting more people involved in cycle hill climb racing locally.

They are open to members of the four clubs and people who are not members of any club but just want to take part.

Each of the four races cost £3 to enter and began at 7.30pm to make it convenient for people who work.

Riders from each of the participating clubs are awarded the following points: fastest – 40 points, second fastest 39 points, third fastest 38 points etc continuing all the way to the 40th fastest who receive one point.

There were individual competitions for male, female, junior and veterans based on the total number of points across the four races, and the club competition was based on the number of points from the fastest five riders per club from each event with the club totals from all four events then added together.

The top 10 men were: 1 Ben Huddart – LRC 153 points, 2 Roy Neild – LRC 120, 3 Jason Whiteley – CCC 118, 4 Cameron Mould HCC 115, 5 Dave Headon HCC 108, 6 Adam Newall HCC 108, 7 David Tabron HCC 100, 8 Craig Sefton HCC 99, 9 Antony Hill LRC 98, 10 Neil Pilkington CCC 87.

The top three women were: 1 Mary White HCC 54 points, 2 Sarah Grimshaw HCC 42, 3 Kate Porter HCC 41.

The club finishing positions were: 1 Horwich CC – 700 points, 2 Lancashire – 676, 3 Chorley – 555.

The first race, organised by Lancashire Road Club, was the longest and more of a hilly time trial. The route was around 10 miles long and effectively a loop around Winter Hill.

Liam Haslam (LRC) won it in 30mins 28secs, Chris Bodenham (HCC) was second in 30:41 and Ben Huddart (LRC) third in 30:54.

The second event, organised by Horwich CC, a classic route for local riders, started on Horrobin Lane and climbed Sheep House Lane to the top of Rivington Road.

Chris Dwyer (LRC) was first in 9:01 with Tom Mahar (HCC) second in 9:02 and Huddart third in 9:10.

The third event, also organised by Horwich CC, saw riders climb Gingham Brow in Horwich to Matchmoor Lane.

Dwyer also won this race in 6:23 with Huddart second in 6:27 and David Tabron (HCC) third in 6:42.

The final event, organised by Chorley CC, was like a time trial with a hill climb at the end.

Racers started from the Wilton Arms at Belmont and went through Belmont village before climbing up Rivington Road.

David Powell (HCC) won in 10:25 with Huddart second in 10:42 and Rob Hope (CCC) third in 10:43.