IT is always difficult when a team has to play against a team from their own club in a league match.

This happened in the Bolton League this week with Moorside C hosting Moorside’s B team in a match which must have been fraught with nerves.

Jane Whelan and Jamie Belton opened the scoring with victory for the C team when they took the opening games 21-19, 21-12, against Sue Beamer and Alan Parkinson.

Fifth placed in Section D, the C team then proceeded to claim the next two games, with Lillian Croston and Dave Wood chalking up a 21-15, 21-12 win against Pauline Charnock and Stuart Hall.

In the third couples clash Moorside B’s Pam Leivesley and Andy Yates won both games, 21-12, 21-4, against Abi Sewart and Haaris Mirza.

The C team then went on to win the following four mixed games.

When the first couples met Whelan and Belton proved to have the stronger nerve, winning two close games 23-21, 21-19, against Charnock and Hall.

When the second couples met Croston and Wood kept up the C team’s good form, claiming another two close games, 21-19, 21-18, against the team of Beamer and Parkinson.

Going into the level doubles the C team were 8-2 ahead and a big upset was on the cards, and in another close encounter Sewart and Whelan won the first pair of ladies games 22-20, 21-17, against Leivesley and Charnock a result that secured victory for the C team.

The first pair of men’s games was shared when the first-placed duo in the Section, the B team’s Yates and Hall, won the first 21-13, but Mirza and Belton claimed the second 21-16.

The second pair of ladies’ games was also shared the B team’s Leivesley and Beamer claimed the first 21-14, and Sewart and Croston took the second 21-9.

The final pair of men’s games was claimed by the B team 21-15, 21-16, making the final score 12-6.