ELITE LEAGUE ICE HOCKEY: The Elite Ice Hockey League has implemented a social media policy for all players, team staff and officials, including referees and linesmen.

The policy has been written to help all users connect better with their audience, while understanding the dangers social media can bring and the responsibilities they have when posting.

There will be a blackout period imposed on game day. This begins two hours before face-off and runs until an hour after the game. The game-day ban does not include official League and club-run accounts.

Any breaches of the social media policy will be investigated by the League and may result in discipline.

Tony Smith, spokesman for the Rapid Solicitors Elite League, said: “We feel this is an important policy to implement.

“Social media is playing a more important role in our lives and it is vital that everyone connected with the Elite League understands they are responsible for what is written on their accounts.


“We do not wish for players, staff and officials to stop using social media, but we want to make clear what is and what is not acceptable.


“Fans will still be able to keep in touch on game day with scores and results, as the blackout period does not include the official Elite League and club-run accounts.”