ONE of my favourite bands of the 1980s have enjoyed a revival this week, thanks to Aberdeen Football Club.

Dons fans re-worded one of the band’s most famous songs “Don’t You Want Me” to include the name of midfielder, Peter Pawlett.

And incredibly, a campaign on social media has managed to get the classic tune into the top 10 most downloaded tracks.

Now my surprise at “The League’s” comeback was matched only by my shock that the top 10 actually still exists. I thought they’d done away with it at the same time as Global Hypercolour t-shirts and white dog poo.

Apparently, the Aberdeen fans are now asking Phil Oakey and Co to travel up to Pittodrie and perform the song at a gig.

The least they could do, I suppose.

I can’t really think of better half-time entertainment than the band who inspired your club’s best chant being out in the middle of the pitch strutting their stuff.

And that got me wondering, could we make this a thing at Wanderers?

Now, I remember the strains of the White Stripes anthem “Seven Nation Army” being used when Marcos Alonso was playing at the Reebok, and Andy Lonergan was serenaded with a bit of Simon and Garfunkel (Mrs Robinson) whilst he was in the side earlier this season.

I have also heard fans try to start a song for Zat Knight to “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona, although personally I think it would be funnier being set to the DeBarge version.

But considering so few of Wanderers’ popular fans chants are based on tunes from popular bands, so perhaps it’s time to get one going?

Seeing as the Human League are up for this kind of thing – maybe Together in Electric Reams would be worth a go?

Personally, I’d rather try to tempt the Stone Roses. Medo of Stone anyone? Wheater-fall? Lee Bangs the Drums?

Or Elton John is in Leigh fairly soon. Maybe he fancies a warm-up gig at the Reebok? Saturday Knight’s Alright for Fighting? Tiny Dannsy?

The music at Wanderers has come in for some stick since they changed the “matchday experience” at the start of the season but I’ve seen some improvements in recent home games.

There was a Northern Soul theme one week, a sixties theme the next, all catering for saddos like myself who refuse to acknowledge the existence of music beyond the advent of the internet age.

And for that I applaud the club. You can never please everyone with your playlist but you can certainly try some different things, and that is exactly what they are trying to do.

The one thing Wanderers seem to lack is an anthem that gets the whole crowd going – but it isn’t something you can manufacture.

Owen Coyle tried with that terrible Depeche Mode goal music but the whole experiment died a quick and painful death.

Perhaps the poet laureates out there among the Wanderers fans can get creative this summer and come up with something for one of the new signings?