WE asked Wanderers fans what they made of Marvin Sordell’s move to Burnley – here is a selection of the best answers.

“The fans certainly gave him a chance. Whether or not the management did is another story. Right decision to offload though for me.” @walshyt100 ‏

“DF has definite ideas on how his players should train and play and it looks like Sordell’s ability alone is not enough for him.” @Bartims

“Similar to other forwards in recent yrs. Good footballer, not good in front of goal. Goals pretty crucial for a striker.” @effinnjeffin

“I don't think he's all that bad, but he never took his chance when given. Never looked like a prolific scorer I thought we had.” @viney_bwfc

“Good piece of business for them! Given the chance think he could have done well. Although he did need to sort his head out!” @S8PPE

“Both to blame. Poor judgement by OC and inflated price tag. But then MS failed to perform for either manager - attitude issues?” @mdkirky

“He didn't get a fair chance but when he did get a chance he showed very few positives and his attitude/body language was poor.” @Probert15

“Looked good as a sub. Played the wrong system for him. Still can't believe we sold him for 500k that's a bargain for Burnley.” @adammason1991

“He's on a long list of powerful quick players with no heart or determination, BWFC we love a battler, sadly he was lacking.” @BillBWFC

“Didn't get much of a chance but I'm guessing his attitude wasn't right that's why. When did he showed very little so I'm happy.” @martinjohnson81

“Don't know what issues behind scenes were going on, but felt that the lad had goals in him. Never really got a run did he?” @boydell79

“Didn't help himself, but my overriding feeling is that he was never given we ought opportunity.” @IanRowboti04

“Arguably one of our worst and our most wasteful of signings.” @Big_Sharps

“Wasn't given a fair chance. I think he was one of a few who got on the wrong side of DF so was doomed. Good luck to him.” @socksdougs

“He was a panic buy & never right for us. Good luck to him. Hopefully the wages freed up mean Juke/Mason move is close.” @waltonandy