WANDERERS legend John McGinlay believes the introduction of safe-standing sections at the Reebok Stadium would improve the atmosphere at home games.

The debate over the possibility of a return to standing areas has opened this week with 13 English clubs confirming a willingness to discuss the issue.

Wanderers are not currently one of those in favour but McGinlay, who recalls playing in front of a crackling atmosphere at Burnden Park when standing terraces were commonplace, says it could be a good thing.

He told The Bolton News: “The debate about reintroducing standing areas at football grounds has been in the news this week and personally I am in support of it.

“I think it could improve the atmosphere at games a lot.

“Whether it happens or not is a long way off but what a difference it could make at places like the Reebok.

“Our stadium is such a safe place now and probably one of the safest in the country.

“If we were to get standing back, I would suggest the bottom tiers behind both goals would be ideal.

“That’s where the vocal areas are for both home and away fans.

“It would be great for the atmosphere and it is also an opportunity to get more people in and maybe that would mean some more cheaper tickets.

“Some people are against getting standing back but people do it anyway in all-seater stadia.

“I was at Blackburn the other Wednesday and the Wanderers fans were stood up for the whole game and that was in a seated area.

“Surely that is more dangerous than on a safe terrace.

“It will be interesting to see how the debate unfolds.”

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