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MATCHDAY LIVE: Wanderers 2 Charlton Athletic 0

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    boltonnut 3:44pm Sat 15 Dec 12
    Where is every body?Must be out xmas shopping I guess.
    Score: 0
    Cambridge White 3:52pm Sat 15 Dec 12
    We are not going to win regularly until we get rig of the deadwood which Freedman inherited from Coyle and Megson. he needs time to rebuild. Coyle and Megson bought some rubbish.
    Score: 0
    boltonnut 4:27pm Sat 15 Dec 12
    RE McGinlay's quote, a standing crowd making more noise, the crowd need something to make a noise about.Maybe he could rent himself out as a one man crowd he makes alot of noise standing or sitting.( My god I must be bored.)
    Score: 0
    Wigan Trotter 8:21am Sun 16 Dec 12
    No Stadium in this country with a capacity of 20,000 plus should ever again be allowed to have standing area's, especially with the incidents of anti social behaviour which still exist at grounds. Have some people not learned anything form Hillsborough?
    Score: 0
    Dzsimi 10:42am Mon 17 Dec 12
    Our terraces WERE unsafe in the past. in Bundesliga stadiums they are entirely different and have a railing on every step so nobody can get crushed. They can also convert them to seats at any time which they are obliged to do for European matches. The German government is considering getting rid of standing areas but the fans movements and police seem to have proven pretty categorically that there is ZERO danger.
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