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MATCHDAY LIVE: Leeds 1 Wanderers 0

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The Bolton News: Photograph of the Author

Marc Iles, chief football writer


    nickyboy70 2:02pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    I beleive that dougie is looking for lower league players after searching here are a few names that should be loked at mcgoldrick from coventry 16 goals donaldson from brentford 12 goals clarke from scunthorpe 11 goals cassidy from tranmere 11 goals pope from portvale on 21 goals and cureton from exeter on 16 goals donna and nick blacpool whies
    Score: 0
    boltonnut 2:24pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    Errm,DF and 40 other managers are doing the same thing.The rich clubs wil win out.
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    boltonnut 2:27pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    Errm,DF and 40 other managers are doing the same thing.The rich clubs wil win out.
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    nickyboy70 2:47pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    i would like to see pope from portvale 21 goals this season donna blackpool whites
    Score: 0
    nickyboy70 3:03pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    bolton need to win now watford lost 4-3 we can gain ground
    Score: 0
    nickyboy70 3:22pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    whats happened to the write ups are you broke nothing ince 3 03pm
    Score: 0
    boltonnut 3:44pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    3.40 pm nil nil nickyboy70 I'll keep you upto date and I'm writing fro another country.Come on Bolton.
    Score: 0
    boltonnut 3:50pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    Half time,I think Marc has nodded off,must have had a late night?????
    Score: 0
    swager123 5:00pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    Freedman is worse than coyle!!!!! also this so called jurno from bolton cant even keep us up to date with the match!! sack him as well!
    Score: 0
    Citizen Cane 7:32pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    would any lower league or pub teams take Knight or Ngog?
    Score: 0
    Reebok Al 9:13pm Tue 1 Jan 13
    So the Birmingham game wasn't the turning point after all. No surprise there. And no small irony that Diouf was the best player on view at Elland Road. Our supporters are only too well aware that an ex-Bolton manager with half a team of ex-Wanderers is keeping another club in the premiership.
    Dougie Freedman already knows promotion is out of the question. I'll reserve judgement on him until it's his team that represents Bolton, and that certainly won't be before the start of next season.
    Score: 0
    Beyond News Forum 5:14pm Wed 2 Jan 13
    It goes without saying that Democracy on the Bolton News Website has gone out of the window. Having no ability to comment on the recent Dougie Freedman outburst at refs.

    I just want to make a quick point or two.

    I like Freedman he seems cool, but his rant at refs is just plain passing the buck from the reality of what has become at BWFC since the departure of Big Sam.

    Since Sam left the club the hangover has flourished, this has nothing to do with just refs alone. We were in a division for the last decade with pro-refs but that has not stopped a quagmire of bad results, terrible management and ludicrous board decisions.

    I fail to see how anybody at the top level of the club cannot address the familiar situation that crops up year in year out. That is funding!

    Don;t get me wrong I really do appreciate everything the investors are doing in the way of bringing cash to the club, but it is not enough.

    Take a look at the clubs that are up there in the top ten of the Premier League... somewhere BWFC fans had been getting used too several years ago when Big Sam was at the helm, Those clubs have had large amounts of money pumped at them, enough to keep stability and bring fans to the ground watching quality football and some quality players at the same time.

    What was needed to keep BWFC in the position it was in 7 or 8 years ago was investment into a management style that was not too dissimilar to Big Sam. |But it wasn't and panic set in bringing in a name and a face, it is as simple as that.

    What happened to the science of football at the Reebok Stadium? I know about it because I worked very close to behind the scenes during a few seasons and especially the wonderful push in 2001-2002.

    What do I mean by that statement? Well Big Sam had a knack of bringing in big player profiles, some of which were at the end of a great career but turning them into out and out performers. People such as the much loved late Gary Speed, JJ Okocha, Youri Djorkaeff, Ivan Campo, Stelios, Dean Holdsworth, Gudni, N'Gotty, Nakata, Bobic, Diouf, Hierro just too name a few faces that blasted us up a league that once was seen as an impossible task at BWFC.

    It is THAT ideology and philosophy that got us to the dizzy heights of the EPL and into a good run in Europe and the domestic cups.

    It is THAT philosophy that should be being followed by Dougie Freedman and the whole club including directors.

    Without that philosophy we will float around where we are in the Championship for many years to come.

    Bring some high caliber players in Dougie if the board back you with cash, not just experienced Championship players - in fact I invite the directors an investors to do the right thing and open up the cheque book. As clearly what has transpired over the last 4 years has not worked for you or the club.
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