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January Transfer Deadline Day LIVE

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    BigDave1985 8:51am Thu 31 Jan 13

    Just hope Alonso does not bolt off to Stoke. Even if he just stays until the end of season and help the cause of getting us back up!

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    Kramsharp 9:20am Thu 31 Jan 13

    I can't see any legs in the dyer rumour, he is just not freedmans type of player, and his pedigree is not up to much, maybe a stop gap bench warmer if ngog goes, but I'm sure there are better out there

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    Kramsharp 10:22am Thu 31 Jan 13

    Ian I think it's a bit late for a run, little or no chance of top 6 finish, hope im wrong, but we would have to win the majority of remaining games and hope a few in that end of the table hit a bad run. Even readings run last year was not that good, I think they had about 10 more points than us at this stage.

    The fact remains hart side reacted too slowly to the OC debacle and the damage had already been done

    We have been left with a mediocre team of no real value with no cash to spend, hence why DF is looking to bring you cheap youth through.

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    Chrisgrego 10:25am Thu 31 Jan 13

    We are going up! 33/1 at moment good bet

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    Kramsharp 10:35am Thu 31 Jan 13

    Thanks Marc, Sombre maybe?Realistic yes!
    I wish it wasn't so, but I really believe the cliche we are a club in transition, gone have the good old big Sam days, which we have never managed to reach again, I truly think gartside made a huge error disassembling the back room staff and science department .
    DF has a lot of work to to, and it will take a couple of seasons to assembly a new team,

    Personally i like the idea of the club and DF concentrating on bringing youth through the ranks, with such great academy they have been underachieving for some time.

    Christ what were the last real youth players to come through the ranks.

    Score: 0
    genesis22 1:11pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    Elmander is available on loan - why not ? he should rip through championship defences, a good replacement if we show N'Gog the door.

    Score: 0
    steveG 1:11pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    The club is in the worst shape for years,
    certainly since moving to the Reebok.

    The current quality in the squad is poor,but the recent signings suggest it's only going to get worse.

    We need to be realistic when it's clear the owner is far from convinced spending money on quality players will guarantee promotion and so has decided to pocket the money and hope mediocre players rise to the challenge.

    Score: 0
    genesis22 1:51pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    Elmander is available on loan - why not ? he should rip through championship defences, a good replacement if we show N'Gog the door.

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    dazza666 2:04pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    Medo Kamara...once a £16 Million valued player linked with Spurs ....now a £300k player linked with Bolton! ...Is this the same player or are we really getting CHRIS KAMARA ?!!! ;-)

    Score: 0
    dazza666 5:07pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    This transfer window is very interesting situation for Wanderers....
    You see, the club or the players aren't really where they thought they were going to be in the league. ie top 6 looking at promotion back to the Prem.
    So the club are looking to keep cash flow tight, wages lower and possibly cash in on bigger name players, as they aren't expecting any Prem money this time around. Unfortunately the Prem quality players we do still have will more than likely moving on now or in the summer. If we were to bounce straight back...well, different story!
    However, Dougie has a rebuild on his hands. I think he and the club know it. I believe we can get promoted but unless there is a dramatic improvement it will be with a very different team. COYWM!

    Score: 0
    tokyodave 5:36pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    His wiki page has Kamara as a Bolton player

    Score: 0
    dazza666 9:34pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    Dougie Freedman was so impressed with the Bolton players he inherited....
    ....he's signed half a team already on his first opportunity! ;-)

    Score: 0
    Howied 10:23pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    Medo must need glasses if he has an eye for goal, he hasnt scored for 3 years!!!

    Score: 0
    steveG 11:01pm Thu 31 Jan 13

    Dougie deserves to be judged at the end of the season in light of todays signings.

    I am an optimist usually but must admit I haven't been impressed with the teams passive brand of football since he arrived and todays signings haven't served to inspire me - think i'll give Watford a miss.

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