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MATCHDAY LIVE - Watford 2 Wanderers 1

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    Rememberscarborough 2:27pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    Subs bench made up of two wingers and three centre forwards - not much scope for change if we need a creative midfielder. What's happened to Mavies?
    Score: 0
    kieth57 2:45pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    Bogden back in for Lonergan. bad bad bad decision Dougie
    Score: 0
    boltonnut 2:51pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    Iv'e lost count of the recent signings and loans bolton have recently negotiated,If they are that good I hope they get a chance to play.I don't see to many in todays line up,same old same old.good luck whites.
    Score: 0
    swager123 4:36pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    its looking like freedman is worse than coyle, we wont see the prem for at least 10yrs what a discrace !!!
    Score: 0
    tokyodave 4:39pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    Sheff Wed 3-1 up, Pboro 2-1 up, Barnsley 1-1 playing 10 men, Ipswich 4-0 up...could be 3 pts off bottom 3 by 5pm
    Score: 0
    steveG 5:14pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    We've made our bed and it looks like we'll be lying in it for a good few years. It's looking now like a retrograde step dismissing Owen Coyle. The signings made this week just perpetuate the downward trend in quality of the last two years and it wont be long before we see the back of the likes of Wheater,Kevin Davies and Holden.Even Alonso who's hardly been Mr consistency since he arrived can't wait to leave.
    Score: 0
    davroduk1 7:12pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    4 points from relegation. Bolton have more chance of being in Div 1 than the Prem. Its sad for me to see the position that the club are in, but I did predict last season that the club would "drop like a stone" through the divisions, and it would seem that my prediction is right. Mr Gartside, you have a lot to answer for.
    Score: 0
    Reebok Al 10:23pm Sat 2 Feb 13
    Most managers claim they needed to reorganize their new clubs from top to bottom, and Dougie Freedman would be justified in saying it. This season is a write-off and he's preparing for August. As far as contracts are concerned, of course he's right to wait until Stuart Holden has proved his fitness, but I have the feeling that Kevin Davies might not figure in his future plans. Big Kev has not been as effective in the last couple of seasons, which is to be expected as he's in his mid-thirties and has taken a lot of knocks. Then again, it could be said that his fellow players have been pretty ineffective. Whatever happens, he will always be remembered as a true Wanderer who gave his all for the club. If others had put in half the effort he has, we would be in a far better position today.
    Score: 0
    Wigan Trotter 9:24am Sun 3 Feb 13
    The rot set in under Megson, so don't blame Coyle or Friedman. The people to blame are Gartside and the board and
    Score: 0
    BigDave1985 10:47am Sun 3 Feb 13
    Getting rid of jussi and ali-habsi was were we started going wrong and putting faith into a ginger kid!
    Score: 0
    Beyond News Forum 12:47pm Sun 3 Feb 13
    Entirely down to investment? I'm going to make statements from two both of the fence so forgive me if this sounds a tad schizophrenic. Every club that has succeeded in the premiership have spent wisely and kept managers for many years not 1 or 2 years. BWFC have consistently not protected the better player contracts and sold them off cheaply or had to let them go. I've said it before that there is no speculation to accumulate within the board. This is not down to bad management, even Fergie would have a lot of trouble at Wanderers due to the way things have been. Now that brings me onto another point where the board must be forgiven for not spending cash - the club board simply cannot be blamed for everything but you could argue that if fans came to the ground and filled up the stadium then cash would be freed up eventually - again you could argue that if we saw major investment and talent at the stadium then fans would turn up. Kind of a double edged sword when you think about it. I will tell you what i know as a fact in the Championship - after all the bills have been paid after a match that see's 15,000 fans turn up, there is a profit of around £200,000 - £250,000 depending again on certain factors such as concourse turnover at the bars and food outlets and staff wages, player capital, program, sales, energy bills that are not cheap on a monthly basis and so on. It is not much in reality so you can see as a fan what BWFC are up against, this does not even take into account the debt the club are in. The board will say the debt is not a real worry when in fact behind closed doors in the directors suite the conversations are very much different. BWFC need that TV cash next season, you can argue that a £60-million windfall is worth an extra investment of £20-million into the club to take a punt on getting the club back into the Premier League, unfortunately the board are being very wise in their stance because the club do not have the fan base of Man United that will turn up no matter what league we are playing in. We do not want to see our club do a Portsmouth. It really is a shame that supporters of the club cannot see the facts from the other side as they are. If fans could afford to turn up week in week out and fill the stadium through thick and thin then maybe we wouldn't be in the position the club is in but it would not be fair to blame fans in this way. I could bang on all afternoon on this subject as i have been privileged to know a little about the club from the inside in the past. I hope i have helped some people understand. We now have to look at grassroots and start from a blank canvass as a team that starts not just on the football pitch but in all elements of the club which is where the importance of the fans come into things. Yes we are angry and frustrated, yes we all want a great team and performances - but at the same time we all need to get together and stop kicking the club in the teeth when it is down. Things will get better i am confident of that. So let's stop the booing, get back down to the ground and support our beloved team through thick and thin no matter what is happening on the pitch. "We are the one and only Wanderers!" let's not let other football clubs and their fans forget that. Thank you.
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