Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora traded insults as the countdown began to their final eliminator for the chance to relieve Wladimir Klitschko of his WBO world title.

The domestic heavyweight rivals, who are also likely to be dueling for the British belt pending confirmation, will clash at Manchester's phones4U Arena on July 26.

The rematch of their first encounter in 2011 when an unfit Chisora was thwarted with a wide points decision is still four months away, but the first shots in the phoney war have already been fired.

Fury did most of the talking at the press conference in central London to announce the fight and at one point even burst into a rendition of 'Successful' by Drake.

"It will be good to make mincemeat of Chisora in front of my own people in Manchester," said Fury, who has endured lengthy spells of inactivity after a fight against David Haye fell through.

"I will be looking nice on the day. I'll have my hair done, I'll be tanned.

"I might have my teeth whitened for when I call Wladimir out on the camera afterwards.

"Chisora is what he looks like - a mug. And he talks what he fights like - s***. On his best day he's not good enough to lace my boots.

"I've got more heart in my little finger than there is in the bodies of 10 Dereck Chisoras.

"I'm going to hit him with sharp, precise, knuckles-down punches that do damage.

"The type of shots that send electric shocks through the body and makes something happen to your legs, making you do a dance.

"Three years ago I broke him in like a the little virgin he was, giving him his first loss. He'll remember that forever.

"I'm zero, baby. Undefeated, 22 and 0, 16 knockouts and still sexy. He's just cannon fodder and a high-level journeyman."

Chisora remained calm and composed as Fury taunted him over the outcome of their first fight and added that the 30-year-old is a spent force after slipping to four defeats.

"Dereck was beaten fair and square by a 22-year-old. Now I'm 25, a lot more experienced and with a lot better record," Fury said.

"I'd say I'm four times a harder puncher than Dereck will ever learn to be with his inside the gloves cuffs and swings that miss over your head.

"The Chisora I faced the first time was a much better opponent than he is now.

"His resistance has been worn down and there's mileage on the clock. If you have a car with 120,000 miles you're asking for it blow up when you keep driving it down the motorway."

Chisora has promised Fury he will be facing a different opponent to the flabby and unfit British and Commonwealth champion who was relieved of his belts in 2011.

"A villain recognises another villain when he sees one," Chisora said.

"I've achieved so much since he beat me, while he hasn't progressed at all. He's four steps behind me now.

"I know he'll be mentally ready, but I know I have much more power than him. I'm looking for the knockout.

"On my bad day he couldn't knock me out, so imagine what will happen when I'm fit. I wasn't fit and he couldn't knock me out."