England's World Cup qualifier against Poland has been rearranged for 4pm on Wednesday after massive rainfall caused Tuesday night's match to be postponed.

Heavy rain had been falling in Warsaw for most of the day and pools of water had appeared on the pitch long before the game was to start. Referee Gianluca Rocci inspected the National Stadium pitch at 9pm, by which time it already seemed a hopeless cause. However, another 45 minutes went by before a decision was made to call the match off.

Roy Hodgson expressed some doubt over the pitch's fitness for the game to be played as planned on Wednesday. He said: "I'm rather hoping they'll get it (the roof) closed now as quickly as possible and start to do some work on the pitch because at moment the pitch is in very poor condition. Water is lying on the surface."

He added: "It's going to need a lot of attention if it's going to be playable tomorrow afternoon."

The England boss said he was happy with the rescheduled time.

"I think it was the only decision that could be made," he said. "There are no other possibilities. You can't find dates at international level. The dates that are available are all taken up so you can't just suddenly decide we'll play it another time.

"What you have to do is to try to organise to get the game played as quickly as possible. We'll have to go back to the hotel. We're disappointed.

"We prepared well for this start tonight as no doubt the Poles have too, but now we've got to do it all over again and hopefully we'll be as prepared tomorrow as we were tonight."