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Teachers Lindsay McDonald and Christopher Hill with the children
Mike and Margaret Parker
Members of Care Group Duteraninkunga Gahombov (which translates as "let's helpeach other”) from Gahombo in the African country Burundi are benefiting from a Lendwithcare loan
Casualty star Amanda Mealing makes a video appeal
Former Radcliffe Times editor Yvonne Evans
From left, Dr Swati Mukherjee, David Jolly of Bolton Daybreak Rotary Club and Graham Stamford of Bolton Lever Rotary Club preparing the distribution of the PPE
Chester, the golden cocker spaniel
From left, new Bolton Lever Rotary Club member Graham Stamford with member Becca Harrison, who introduced him to the club, and president Bernard Murphy the induction at the Old Links Golf Club
A Poundbakery vegetable curry roll