We have enjoyed a top gear response to our new Me and My Motor feature, when each week we will chat to someone with a passion for vehicles – from classics to hot hatches and from motorcycles to vintage.

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This week, we talk to Anthony Knight, of Shildon.

What vehicle/s do you own (model/year), and for how long?

A 1970 Pontiac LeMans (project car), which I imported from California last year.

The Bolton News:

My current Pontiac

Why did you decide to buy this particular vehicle?

I owned one of these as my daily driver in the 1990s and always regretted selling it. I saw this one and had to have it.

What do you mainly use it for, and do you take it to shows or events?

It’s being worked on at the moment (mechanical), but it looks beautiful! I hope to have it out before the end of the year.

The Bolton News:

My 1990 5.0 Mustang, I owned this one twice (now sold)

What does your family think about your passion for vehicles?

Some think it’s great, some roll their eyes!

What was your first vehicle and why did you buy it?

A Mk2 Escort 1100 Pop Plus that I used for three weeks to get to university until someone wrote it off.

The Bolton News:

My first car, the first of 10 Mk2 Escort. I’ve owned around 75 cars since then

What is your dream vehicle and why?

A 1958 Plymouth Fury. I first read the Stephen King book Christine and saw the film in my teens, and wanted one ever since. Owned a 1958 in the early 2000s, but it is too expensive now.

The Bolton News:

7.2 litre 1958 Plymouth, owned for 13 years and sold unfinished

Would you ever go electric and why?

Yes, I would. It’ll become more affordable in the next ten years and I’d definitely convert the Pontiac.

What do you think a car says about its driver?

In my case, that I’m not shy. You don’t drive a six-litre, two-tonne monster and try and blend into the background.

The Bolton News:

My previous Pontiac

What’s your favourite road to drive on and why?

Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District – it’s a real buzz, you need to be on the ball every inch of that road.