I COULDN’T write this week without mentioning the death of Cory Monteith.

At 31, he was a worldwide star following his lead role as Finn in hit US television series Glee.

Cory’s death came as a huge surprise to his Glee cast members, family, friends and public, but as we know his death isn’t the first high-profile incident.

Recent tragedies similar to this one include Heath Ledger and global sensation Whitney Houston.

All were reportedly troubled, having been through rehab and seemingly appearing happy in their own skin but then something goes wrong.

We’ve seen it for decades with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, through to our very own Amy Winehouse — talent that is halted far too soon.

This only serves to highlight that people in the public eye are human too and, in fact, probably more susceptible to peer pressure and the accessibility of drugs.

It is, however, a travesty that there has been a loss of control by these individuals and even more sad that these deaths appear so lonely and without explanation.

When I was little all I could think of was being famous, wanting what “they” had and constantly seeing my name in lights.

My concept of this has changed dramatically as I have grown up, and if I was to see my name in lights the way Cory’s is now, then it would, of course, be pretty devastating.

Fame clearly comes with a price, but as many average or below average earners will no doubt agree that life is a struggle.

I think it is important to look at the other end of the spectrum sometimes, to look beyond our own troubles and notice what other people go through in order to survive.

Surely sparing a positive thought for another human being outside of your own bubble can only be a good thing, and so I want to dedicate my thought this week to that young man who died in a Canadian hotel room at the weekend.

He’s not someone I knew nor will ever do now, but I can still feel that what happened to him is a terrible thing that he sadly did not avoid.

In other happier news summer is finally here, and even if it only lasts for another week it is certainly time to make the most of the heatwave that is flooding the UK at the moment.

Factor 50 up people and enjoy the rays . . .

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