This week I have been mainly winning tennis tournaments. It has been Bolton’s answer to Wimbledon…well almost.

Played on the mixed surface courts of Bolton School situated within the gardens of Overdale crematorium it is an idyllic setting even though somewhat creepy at times.

With the sun blazing down the competition went full steam ahead with not even a hint of a rain delay.

Along with my tennis partner Danielle Davies, on Saturday afternoon we managed to win the handicapped mixed doubles event.

This doesn’t mean that you walk on court with your arm in a sling or develop a limp, there are points deducted or added to your games score depending on which Bolton league division you play in, like golf I suppose…although don’t quote me on that because I’ve never really understood golf.

It was a thrill to win the event and look forward to playing it again next year and hopefully getting chance to celebrate as this year I literally walked off court, grabbed my prize and dashed off to a gig near Barrow-in-Furness.

In further headline grabbing news Louis Walsh was late for the X Factor arena auditions leaving the ITV producers no choice but to start filming without him.

Now I don’t know about you but he basically arrived late for work. I’m pretty sure if everyday people do that then they get sacked or at least disciplined but not our Louis, he was given more media attention than Helen Flanagan’s new bra so it must have been big news… oh wait…I nearly got swept into the hype but I remembered it’s just a TV show…X Factor publicity planned to perfection.

In an X Factor related exclusive story I have recently heard that ITV are filming an X Factor reunion show bringing back former contestants to perform again.

Further details of this I simply don’t know because just when I was getting the gritty details a waiter exited the room that I was hovering next to so I had to pretend I was tying my shoelace and not listening through a tumbler pressed to the door. Sadly I had flip-flops on at the time so was ushered away promptly.

In other news I’m pretty sure Kate will have had her baby by now. I’m writing this so early in the week that I don’t even know…I’ll leave you with this in true BREAKING NEWS fashion…Kate Middleton has either had a boy or a girl… Tweet me if she delivers something different @JamesEdgington