As responsible citizens we all should abide by the law and 'instructions'  as  'prescribed' by the  designated officials.>

After batting strongly in favour of our  older folks being allowed to drive their  personal motor cars, I now meet with another problem ;  this time not with driving but parking!  I  do realise  legislations are on the way for any motorist allowed to park on double yellow lines for upto 15 minutes only  for  'emergencies'. >

Now  let me tell you about an incident  in the heart of Bolton a  few weeks ago.  A  92  year old lady needed to go to a town centre  site for some very important  business where her personal presence was essential. She does neither drive or possess a car now. A kind helpful neighbour volunteered to take her  in his car ;  he  dropped her in front of the Bank and had gone away for  a while to return  later  to pick her up at the same spot.  It was a double yellow line area.>

At the end of her business the lady was waiting inside the Bank watching the road for her friend to arrive; the car arrived ,  she  walked slowly to the car waiting on double yellow lines  and  from  nowhere came a young  warden and  planted  a 'parking notice' on the windscreen!!  Notice for a fine for illegal parking!  The car was there for a minute or so awaitng this elderly  passenger.

This must be an unique example of  callousness and  lack of common sense!  I  do not know yet,  whether that 'notice' was later withdrawn by higher officers but why did the warden behave like that?? Did he have a quota to achieve for a bonus payment or was he simply instructed  , come what may -just keep on dishing out fine notices!  

Do these wardens receive any 'training'  and  have  a code of conduct?  >

I am NOT advising parking on double yellow lines willy nilly, but  there must be some common sense shown and  such notices should not be slammed on compasionate grounds  in certain situations. Law  should not be seen to be  an ass!!!