It looks like the TV really has started to fall and keeps going without a parachute.

I was never one for reading when I was growing up but if family entertainment is delivered by means of the new Puppet Game Show then I think a new generation of children will be reaching for a book of a Saturday night, well a Kindle at least...let’s not get carried away.

This new game show is a collaboration between the BBC and the Jim Henson Company, Jim Henson who brought us lovable characters like Kermit and Miss Piggy.

They had real humour, alas this new breed of puppet just doesn’t cut it.

The presenting character is called Dougie Colon, an attempted cross fertilisation of Bruce and Vernon, catchy his name is not, however he still manages to squeeze a gag out by insisting that his name is pronounced Cologne. I nearly choked it was that funny.

As for the celebrity guests, well I suppose it is the summer holidays and everybody must be sunning themselves in Malibu or the like.

They couldn’t even get well known Muppets to take part, well I’ll leave that opinion up to you.
Have no fear though as Gary Lineker is on this week so they must have been able to tear him away from filming the latest potato crisp commercial.

All in all it was a hotchpotch of a game show with tired jokes and even more exhausted innuendo and I’ll have no part of it.

If watching Jonathan Ross put puppet sausages in order with barbecue tongs (you had to be there) is the best that TV can offer on a Saturday night then Houston, we have a problem.

The Muppets are timeless but these new creations just don’t do the job and will be forgotten in coming months.

Let’s remember though that the guests of the game show were playing for charity and…that’s the only good point I have.

In other news Lady GaGa is back so her ‘little monsters’ (I did the claw hand) must be pleased.

It’s been a while but in true GaGa style she has splattered her way back into the headlines by starting a feud with Katy Perry, leaking a song she’s written for Cher and doing some yoga, tree hugging, naked healing video.

Just put some clothes on Lady and sing the songs.