In a free society anyone can 'sell' anything to anybody. Not to be allowed to do so,  may be seen  as an  'infringement of human rights'! We all suffer from aggressive salesmanship , whether  insurance policies or doing up the roof or cleaning the garden.  At  the time of recession, people do try to earn a living by whatever means or method ;  that accepted, there must be some rules or code of conduct.  As the  telephone calls or emails often arrive from abroad, it is not  always possible to 'police' them.>

Let me give  you one example.  A vulnerable elderly woman  received  a mail from  some  ''health care organisation''( of dubious origin)  offering all sorts of services eg  domestic support, transportation , rehabilitation  even medical care!  She  had felt it was probably some scam and ignored it initially ; it didn't stop-  several  more  calls came almost  pushing her to 'sign a contract' with them against payment etc.  When she refused to do any such thing and requested  no further calls or mails, she was almost threatened !  Needles to say she was upset  and  spoke to  one of her visitors ( which she had only a few and occasional) and they all tried to appease her.  No one knew whether any 'action' can be taken in such situation and which authority to contact for 'protection' from similar misdemeanour in the future.>

I consider such action amounts to 'abuse' which ought to be within the remits of  the 'safe-guarding adults'  programme and cover. I do not know whether it is.

The other area is 'rogue' traders calling at the door, especially when a vulnerable elderly is living alone,  perhaps with some money- shoddy jobs are done and money is accepted only in cash. No credible documents given - so that person can't be traced by anyone. This has been highlighted by several TV programme but it continues unabated.

Be careful there is always a thief about !!!!