I READ with amusement Robert Aston’s strange attempt to twist my anti-badger cull letter into a rant against abortion.

Steve Jones’ letter saved me the job of penning a reply.

However, the subject of abortion keeps rolling on and badgers are elbowed out of the way. The anti-abortion folk seem happy to return to the days of the back street abortionist or the do-it-yourself job.

Whatever the motives for wanting to ban abortions, whether religious or not, that will be the result. A nice little earner for someone.

Meanwhile the badger cull rolls on. After an extension because not enough have been slaughtered, we hear that the killers still haven’t reached their target. Only 60 per cent killed.

“We want 70 per cent.” yell the government, no doubt egged on by professional lobbyists.

Perhaps, Robert Aston and his anti-abortion chums should join an anti-badger cull demo in Somerset and continue their rant there.

David Sharples Tarbet Drive Breightmet