Although  most  cancers occur  in older people,  trials and studies  of cancer  tend to exclude  them. An upper  age-limit  is  usually  taken as a 'cut-off'  point. Yet  most of the medications  'studied'  may be applicable  to older patients.

Recently three  leading  oncology related  organisations have come up with  a position  statement asking for 'removal of any  arbitrary  upper  age limit'  in  all  studies on  cancer  and its  treatment.  Doctors  need much  clear and open  information and  advice  when  faced with an older patient with  a diagnosed cancerous disorder ;  only  properly conducted   studies on older people could provide such  data

prior  to  commencement of  treatment or not. Efficacy  and toxicity  of  anti cancer agents  are especially relevant for older  subjects  whose  tolerance threshold may be different.

Accordingly  more  research  is needed on older people  with cancer  and  indeed with any other condition.  Medical  and health care research   are extremely useful for all  individuals , young  or old.