Poor  standards of care for the infirm and dependent have  been  noticed and reported in the media for decades. More recently , the Shipman case  and the mid-Staffordshire scandal  have  highlighted this on-going problem.  Ministers after ministers, leaders of  communities and satutory  bodies  have  raised it   with  constant assurances of 'doing something about this'.  The  current  Secy of State for Health Mr Hunt has  , as usual, joined  the bandwagon, promising  a 'definitive  action'  against those who are proven to 'perpetrate'  such 'offence'.  <p>

But  why  should such 'negligence' and 'callousness' happen in the first instance?  Is it  because wrong kinds of individuals  are chosen to do the job  or  people 'change'  under the constant ongoing pressure of  'caring'  !!   The possibility of the  latter situation has been considered for a long time and  here in Bolton  we  always had a system of  'relief'  for the care-givers  :  for hoildays , for a 'break',  for other  physical and social difficulties. And  the promise of 'regular'  relief  encouraged many to continue looking after their dependent  relatives.  Well,   in the past , health care used to be largely 'managed and planned' by those who knew something about it -- there used to be an element of compassion !  Today  it is run by 'suited and booted' managers in their 30s without any experience or first hand understanding of the people involved.  In addition, often individuals with very little knowledge and 'feelings' are  appointed to look after the vulnerable and the infirm  in hospitals and care homes - and  often the job is done only for 'money'  not as  a 'vocation' !  and  we see the results! 

My  other question is - should punitive  actions  begin to be taken against those who are ultimately managerially  responsible and recieve a  huge salary  with 'benfits'  and 'accolades'. After all they are the ones who 'carry the can'

Yet we never see them pay any price - no punishment , no suspension , no withdrawal of benefits  and golden handshakes!!  It's about time more   visible  hard-hitting actions are taken against some of these 'bosses'!!!