The word  'rehabilitation'  means  'restoration  of independence'  and   it is  necessary for everyone  recovering from any 'serious' disease.  Older  and  more frail individuals take much longer to recover , even from a 'minor' ailment ;  hence the need for  properly organised multidisciplinary  rehabilitation  is  even more important  in their case.  Failing to  provide this would often make somone 'dependent'  for  a long period  - may be for  ever.  And  'dependency'  is extremely  expensive  - both  fiscally and socially <p>

It , therefore, makes  good sense to spend a little more on this  just to save  a  lot  in the future  - the cost may  not be borne by the NHS but  by the  taxpayers as a whole!<p>

The  NHS  managers looking at their own balance sheets may  find it necessary  to 'shut down'  rehab  facilities  in  designated  acute  care areas  to save money  without realising that such action might generate a long term problem of care  in the community.<p>

The  well -tried and tested  rehabilitation  areas  eg  specific  tailormade wards , day hospitals etc  are currently being  shut down  everywhere ( including in Bolton) and are being ''replaced''  by  'intermediate care'  venues  usually  in old  social services  rest homes.  There is nothing wrong in it , so long  all the   t s are crossed and i s are dotted !!   <p>

Just like  operative surgery , rehabilitation  also needs  a team , working together,  supported  by proper  followup  and close monitoring.  Unfortunately such very needed  team rehab work  is not always taking place..  all members of the team may see the client but not together --- communications break down  and the job  remains  'incomplete' and  'undone'!    Good  medicine must cover everything  and be  holistic  - not just ticking boxes to  meet  the   'bureucratic  requirements'!  

The  age-old  evidence-based methods of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation must  be  re-introduced  right under the nose of  doctors and trained nurses and therapists  working  as a team , communicating  with each other and with the patients'  relatives and care-givers  at home.  The  Day Hospital has been proven to be a great  success where ALL  specialties in medicine  could  assess  the client under one roof  within the main hospital campus,  quickly and action taken.   Ill informed  health managers do not understand all this  ; most of them are only interested  in balancing the books  - without realising that they are not running  a  supermarket or  a sausage -factory!!!! 

Recent  scandals in  so many districts have not yet opened their eyes...