A few weeks ago a reader had written a letter in the BN  worrying about relatives or friends  suddenly 'getting old'.  He mentioned ' if my wife behaves diffferently one morning , what should i do about her getting old like that?'<p>

My purpose for this  blog ,is to  allay  such anxieties - people do not get 'old'  overnight !  And if  unfortunately ones'  health  and behaviour  alter suddenly , that is  most certainly NOT due to  age - it is due to some sudden acute ailment.   Such  change  in someone's personality and  demeanour  warrant  immdiate  medical  attention , assessment  and a correct diagnosis.  This could be a 'stroke'  affecting the behaviour and  immdiate  appropriate  treatment  might help.<p>

Ageing like  'growing up'  is a slow and steady process ;  often  an undiagnosed  illness in a person in later years is wrongly  taken  as  'getting old' -- this is totally incorrect  and dangerous!  <p>

Ageing , per se, is  not an illness ; although older people are  more likely to contract an illness.  And  as in younger people such 'illnesses' must be fully assessed and diagnosed  - must never be  covered up as 'just old age'!

Sadly  that is exactly what tends to happen in many instances.  Proper knowledge and training  with  a positive attitude  should  improve  the scene.