Talking about older people, the first thing usually  discussed is  'care of the disabled elders'  and 'care homes'. True,  care is essential to many unfortunate sufferers of  physical and mental disability but  most older people are not disabled. We constantly encourage people to remain fit and active  and  avoid  disability and  postpone any posssible state of  'dependence' until the ultimate stage of life.  <p>

Everyone, young or old, should remain active  and physically fit  - avoid   getting overweight , eat healthy diet,avoid smoking  and  exercise  their  bodies - joints , limbs and muscles. This is very very necessary  for  keeping many  ailments at bay - heart disease , high blood pressure , osteoporosis,  arthritis , lung problems, bowel disorders  etc etc - the list is endless.  And  in addition to the provision of  'illness care' , the authorities also have a duty to the availability of 'wellness care' too - to  prevent ill health and subsequent  dependence.<p>

Provision  of leisure facilities ,  swimming , group exercises, gentle walking  and  ''bowling'' are all  very necessary ; these are not luxuries but  necessities  and  cost effective in the long run.  I hear  the local Council , as  a part of  their  austerity measures, are planning to close down  quite a few of  bowling greens -used actively by a fair number of pensioners. These are needed in each locality  where individuals can walk to.  I think  such a measure , if implemented, would be extremely short-sighted ;  yes it might save a few bob  today  but with what cost for tomorrow?  Any  delay for the need of 'care' would save much more --  the authorities must think again!!