Re Andrew Davidson’s letter of May 15.

Yes, the economy seems to be on the up, but this is being paid for by the people who can least afford it — the low-paid, the old, the sick and the unemployed. They are the ones being screwed into the floor.

The recession was not caused by Brown and Co, but by the greedy bankers and City spivs and massively inflated property prices.

Brown and Co may have run up a large deficit by borrowing to fund the bailing out of banks and guaranteeing savers money — something Osborne has said he would not have done.

Brown and Co were also guilty of being over generous with the taxpayers’ money, mainly spending it on welfare.

However the Coalition’s massive giveaway to the City during the theft of The Royal Mail was and is a disgrace. But, there again, so have many so-called sales of public assets — gold, oil, gas, electricity and water, to name but a few.

Each and every one has cost British taxpayers dearly and left us at the mercy of foreign parasites. We now have a parliament made up of people who, in the main, have never had a productive job and know very little about real life.

I am disgusted by things like Iain Duncan Smith’s bedroom tax and constant attacks on disabled people are a disgrace.

As for the increase of people in work, another ConDem con. A seller of The Big Issue is self-employed and the number of people forced into cheap labour, part-time jobs and no-contract jobs are part of the con as many of them will be entitled to many benefits.

I normally agree with most of what Andrew Davidson says, but a ConUKIP coalition would be a disaster for this country except over immigration, which is out of control, so there at least we agree.

Iain Camick Westhoughton