I was in Bolton town centre on Thursday and witnessed a lot of scared shoppers.

The reason? A full-scale argument between women, shouting at each other the length of Victoria Square.

Also there was a group of men, about 20 to 30, congregated around one set of seating, all related to the said women.

They also shouted to the women in their own language and this went on for 15 minutes. People were skirting round them, as the atmosphere was very hostile.

After speaking to other shoppers, I went over to the men and, after a bit of broken English from them, I told them in no uncertain terms to go home and do their arguing there.

I approached a traffic warden asking where was the nearest police station. He didn’t know, which I find rather incredulous.

Shoppers informed me this is a regular occurence. I won’t be visiting again, council leader Cllr Cliff Morris, until all factions, police, council, etc, get this sorted and make the town centre safe for visitors, who wish to see Bolton as it once was. I was asked by two people, probably strangers, for an information desk. I dread to think what impression they left Bolton with. There were no police about.

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