ESTHER McVey, the Conservative Employment Minister, claims that unemployment is at a five-year low, but fails to acknowledge that increasing numbers of jobs are part time or based on zero hours contracts.

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Minister, says that he “acknowledges” that there are abuses of zero hours contracts, but the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government has announced plans to force unemployed people to accept these kinds of contracts.

Zero hours working may suit some people, but these contracts will expose vulnerable people up to the worst forms of exploitation.

Esther McVey is no friend of ordinary people here in Bolton.

She defended the closure of Remploy and the sacking of disabled workers, claiming that it would somehow “help them to find mainstream employment”.

She has consistently defended the Bedroom Tax despite its terrible impact on many people in our town.

We desperately need to ensure that there are more secure jobs that pay a living wage locally.

This would have a positive benefit to local shops, businesses and our local economy as a whole.

On Thursday, May 22, in the European and local elections the people of Bolton have an opportunity to deliver their verdict on the Coalition.

I would strongly encourage all readers to ensure that they cast their votes this coming Thursday.

Joan Pritchard-Jones Deane